Metal detecting on MOD land

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by shiels, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    As a hobby i go metal detecting. I have found a spot which i have checked against the Salisbury Plain Training Area MOD map and its not part of the training area which indicates to me that the land is fine. I asked the land owner to check he isnt renting the land from the MOD which he said he isnt. Only problem is i found a 81mm mortar tail (fired so safe) the other day so i'd like to double check with someone from the MOD before i get myself in any trouble.

    Although i trust this, i'd like to check with someone who knows the areas etc. Who's the best person/ position to speak to about the land?

    many thanks
  2. Count your finger before and after. Never assume because you find something YOU think is safe that it is.
  3. Don't and I mean don't even think about it. Outstations from 33 EOD spend a lot of time clearing areas of Salisbury Plain and just because an area hasn't been used for a few years doesn't mean it is safe.
  4. Whoa mate, stop right there.


    Is metal detecting a hobby worth dying for.

    Freakin retarded idea, metal detecting in an area which may be an overlap for a live fire ground.

    Find someplace else to do it, really. I don't know or care about the legal implications, you do not wish to die. Stop it.
  5. One thing to point out is that any MOD property that you find, and hasn't killed or maimed you, still belongs to the Crown!

    And if you do loose parts of your body it doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to any form of compensation, as I believe that there is a stupidity exclusion clause.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Seconded, thirded etc. Just because it's not training area now, doesn't mean it wasn't during the war. And, believe it or not, some dangerous things lobbed in the air by the Army or dropped from a plane by the RAF don't always land where they're meant to. It's even been known for tired soldiers to 'get rid of' things they're meant to be carrying back to barracks.

    You're much more likely to dig up unstable explosives than a hoard of Roman gold.
  7. Just to clarify, i didn't expect to find anything like that there. Its in the middle of a village for starters and if anyone in the MOD is firing within the distance into that village im sure they'd have a complaint or two. Its never been MOD land (from what i can see back from the 1930 OS map) so i did some research before putting a detector to the ground. Its a village literally on the border of the plain but im detecting on the right side. Surely the MOD wouldnt point any range facing out of the area would they? Oh and theres a church about 20 meters from where i found it.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Well, you've found a 81mm tail. Some gunner in the 60s almost demolished a church tower in the Avon valley, I think he missed by about 20m.
  9. It doesn't matter during the war whole villages were taken over for training purposes, some were given back some were not. Also remember that most of the UK during WW2 had some sort of training on it especially that around the Plain, as everyone has said before your hobby is not worth your life, explosives become more unstable with age, even to the point where one nudge from your metal shovel will cause enough friction to detonate a device. Even a small charge could leave you fingerless or handless.
  10. Defence Estates.

    General advice and guidance for access onto the defence estate telephone 01985 222913, will also be able to confirm that the land is not MoD property.
  11. Don't listen to the faggots on here. Loads of blokes detect around the Plain including night hawkers on the Plain itself. Keep detecting. Ever heard of one being blown up whilst detecting around MoD land? Neither have I. Hope you find a sh1t load of hammered.
  12. its too dangerous to pick up spent ordnance, even if it has functioned there is still exposure to heavy metals, cadmium, for starters, lead antimony, even DU phosphers including red and white phosphorus. Even on parachute flares there is the risk of asbestos, i lost a good mate on op harvest due to a well meaning concerned civvy.

    SPTA, may well have a hoard of gold or other forms of treasure, i dont think that you will be granted treasure trove. There is too much shit out there that will ruin your day,
  13. Many hobbies, jobs and sports pose risks. Shall we stop building in cities in case we unearth a 1000lb unexploded bomb? Shall we not dig in in training areas any more in case we unearth an old mortar round? If one is found we either leave it alone or call in the relevant agencies. At the end of the day no one is going to give up their job, sport or hobby just because there is a risk attached.