Metal Cap Badges

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dk.baxter, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I have a metal cap badge that slides into my beret and I am looking for a way to ensure it doesnt fall out or is not able to be pulled out by people trying to be funny...

    Does anybody know of a way of maybe sewing the slide to the inside of the beret or any other way that will stop it from being able to come out?

  2. what badge are you, sewing them in normally does the trick, a few small, tight stiches in the right places
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Does a normal staybrite capbadge not suffer from this problem?

    Erm - maybe you get your sewing kit out, as you said?


    Cap badges of all regiments have places where thread can be discretely wound round to secure them.
  4. wire it to the mains
  5. If you're resorting to ARRSE to ask this question, I suspect that by now you've fukced up your beret and both cap badges...

    1. Take a new beret and turn it inside out. Locate the plastic pocket that's on the inside. (It's made of two bits of plastic, one sewn on top of the other). (Or it may be made of one bit of plastic, folded. But that's not relevant).

    2. Take a new badge, i.e. the stick thing on the back isn't bent.

    3. Put the stick on the back of the badge into the pocket on the inside of the beret. Push it all the way down.

    4. Take a sharp implement (the wood chisel accessory on a Swiss Army Champ knife* is ideal - further instructions will assume that you're using one of these..) and, while holding the beret against a piece of flat scrap wood, push the chisel through the plastic and the felt immediately above the bend at the top of the stick on the back of the badge, ensuring that the cut is parallel with the brim of the beret..

    5. Take the badge out of the pocket. Turn the beret outside out and push the stick on the back of the badge through the hole that you've just made in the felt, angling the badge so that the stick also goes through the hole that you've made in the plastic AND down into the plastic pocket. NOTE: if you've used an implement that was wider than the wood chisel accessory on a Swiss Army Champ knife, the slot will be too wide, in which case, just get another new beret and start again from 1.

    6. From the inside of the beret, push against the stick on the back of the badge (now hidden inside the plastic pocket. It will bend and hold the badge securely. If you do it right, removal of the badge will almost require a pair of pliers.


    *The wood chisel is the second item from the right, bottom row (between the load-carrying hook and the wood drill).
  6. It is a REME cap badge and the beret is from a friend, it has a wierd plastic square block where the cap badge goes instead of the usual black leather strip. The inside is a blue silk lining.

    Sewing the cap badge slide to the silk lining on the inside doesnt work because the badge can still fall away from the beret and the silk lining will follow it.

    I was looking to see if anyone had a similar problem and knows a way to solve it.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Is this a wah, or are you just a fucking nugget?

    If you can't work out what to do with the non-standard beret you got "from a friend", try wearing the issued one. Assuming your even serving, of course.
  8. Take the plastic part and the lining out then sew it to the beret fabric, not goming out ever! If you want your cap badge to stand up straight cut the bit of plastic you have taken out into roughly the shape of the cap badge and stick it behind it.

    It's not not as if you are going to be billed for a new one!
  9. I wear the AAC badge and as well as pushing the tongue into the plastic pocket, for extra security I sew the badge into the black felt with black thread across the holes in the crown and at the budgies claws. Its practically invisible from 12 inches and I havent lost a badge yet.
  10. For risk of a wah

    You have an officers beret, they wear sown on cloth cap badges

    You can sow it on but another option is to cut a small piece of thin plastic into a square (aerosol cap are good for that) and cut a small hole into it big enough to fit the clip of you cap badge through. What you do then is (following the advice about putting a hole in you beret above) push the clip through the hole of the beret and then through the hole in the piece of plastic and it acts like a washer. There no way its falling out now
  11. Rip out the lining of the beret, cut down the lid of a shaving foam tin so you have the circle of the top left ,cut a couple of slots in the lid and thread cap badge through,