Metal Belt fasteners from OG working belt and 58 belt etc..

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sempercontendo, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know any good suppliers to get the OG metal fasteners and metal sliders for the OG working belts/courlene belts.... ive got plenty of belts, just nothing to attach the ends together!! The only place i can find them is cadetdirect at more than the cost of the belt!!!
  2. You can get them through the system; don't ask me the NSN though.
  3. FYI, The old OG placky belts didn't have metal sliders, they had sliders made of the same OG corlene.
  4. Will get you the NSN tomorrow from work,unless someone beats me to it!
  5. Are you sure? The green plaggy belts (cut off a roll) would have the aluminium clips, but the sliders were nylon. Web belts would have the brass clips and sliders already on, so may not be available separately through the system.

    I'm not a storeman, so feel free to tell me that I shouldn't be interfering.

    To add:

    I've seen plenty of the clips, aluminium and brass, in various surplus stores, but I don't recall seeing any sliders. But you could always buy a belt and remove the metalwork from it. ;)

    Another edit:

    Will a web belt fit through an aluminium clip? I'd doubt it.
  6. i kind of guessed that the different patterns would have different hardware. I have loads of the current working belt - think its the 95 pattern one - like the PLCE Webbing belt but with the metal clips, not plastic one, and certainly not the placky courlene thing!

    I somehow need to find a supplier of the fittings, otherwise the bulk amount of belts i have acquired would be a waste!
  7. If you're on about the belt with poncho roll loops on the back and C-hooks on the inside, the fittings are brass painted black (at least I assume it's brass as mine's gone gold where the paint's worn off) and come through the system as the belt's on issue.

  8. Try;

    Based in Burbage Nr to Leicester (LE10 2EF).
    Tel; 01455 612400
    Contact; Keith

    They stock corlene webbing and 1937 pattern (similar to 58 patten) buckles and keepers in brass, gilt and chrome.

    Give them a phone call they may be able to help.
  9. If that's your belt, it's upside down and the buckle's on back to front. The brass fittings at the back are for the yoke, so should be at the top. But that would put the male part of the buckle in your left hand, which is wrong.

    It's the '58 pattern that has the rings for the poncho roll.

    I'll take the opportunity to acknowledge a mistake I made earlier. The '58 pattern buckle is indeed aluminium, not brass as I said in a previous post - as it is on BZ's belt - only his rear fittings are brass (or some other copper/tin amalgam).
  10. It's not my belt, but it is right. The loops are poncho roll distance apart; they're not meant for a yoke, it's not a webbing belt and won't accept the pull-the-dot T-bar fittings on PLCE pouches. They're worn pointing down.

    The sliders want to be much closer to the buckle though...
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm suppose it's different in the Cadets, but do you get issued poncho rolls ?
  12. I haven't had a poncho roll since I was a cadet. Not much call for them now the bergen's up to scratch.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Do your Cadets get issued bergans ?

    I still can't see why these 'poncho roll loops' are square, nor why one would be used on a working belt.
  14. Hardly my cadets, I've helped with one weekend in the last eight months as a favour whilst two of the usual AIs were unavailable. And no, they carried everything in their arms :roll:

    I could ask you why they put loops onto the working belt; I've no idea. It's clearly the wrong size and design for it to be used as a webbing belt though.
  15. Well, the other two views of the belt on the flecktarn website (where you got your photo from), look amazingly like the '95 PLCE webbing belt...



    ...and they both show the metalwork at the top.