Met to use hollow points - Auntie Beeb outraged!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gassing_Badgers, May 11, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Met Police to use 'unsurvivable' hollow point bullets

    You've gotta love their take on things:

    This one is the best, however:

    That would be the definition of 'lethal force', no?
  2. I prefer less killy bullets myself, the ones that you always survive.
  3. Maybe we should use them eagle claw things the yanks have... you know the ones that open out in to huge talon like stars as tehy pass through your organs.
  4. Perhaps they'll also start issuing them with decent ammunition now instead of the 90gr crap they've been using.

    I don't understand what the fuss is about. Here in the colonies it's G22 .40 with Speer gold dot 180gr hollow point ammo and no one gives a shit.
  5. No doubt the Equality Commission will now be looking into why Brazilians aren't considered worthy of them too!

  6. Oh, but they are! Note how they have now changed the title of their story, to give a little more flavour:
    BBC News - Met Police to use Jean Charles De Menezes death bullets

    Sure Alex. If they had filled him with a couple of mags of 9mm ball, he'd be with us and laughing about it today.
  7. Maybe someone should have talked to the FBI Agents involved in infamous shoot out with bank robbers in Florida in the 80s. Two robbers armed with semi auto rifles killed 2 Agents and severly wounded 2 others before being killed. One of them (William Platt?) was hit by a 9mm hollow point which expanded and stopped just short of his heart. Ball ammo would have hit the heart. That was to cut a long story very short, the start of 40S&W cal.
  8. What's the fuss? At least that have Field Tested them an they achieved both aims.
  9. Lets hope that the criminals dont wear body armour.
  10. It didn't emerge, Alex dear. It mushroomed all over the place and stayed firmly lodged inside his swede.

    PS I remember a similar episode of journalistic excitement (in about 1982?) when the Metropolitan Police announced it would be arming some officers with H&K MP5 (or whatever it was) SMGs. The bit that caught their attention was that the police would have sub-MACHINE GUNS . I think the public thought the bobbies would be bimbling arouind with a water-cooled Vickers -MACHINE GUN in a holster.

    They also had difficulty with the concept of "rubber bullets" not being a non-lethal rifle round.

    Have they stopped using the 12-bore Remington pump-action jobs with the solid shot?
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  11. The effectiveness of these rounds was brought home to me when, in the early 90's, a colleague of mine was shot by a male wanted for murder. The male had emerged from a wooded area to find my colleague sitting in his patrol car, talking to two armed officers in an adjacent vehicle. Standing behind the police car, he shot the cop in the back of the head. Fortunately, the headrest took much of the impact although, to this day, he has 60-odd pellets in his head and neck and suffers from tinitus. The two AFO's immediately engaged the shooter with MP5's at a range of 20 metres. He was shot twice in the chest. However, neither bullet (95g I think) penetrated his chest cavity, both deflecting off bone and causing non-lethal injuries. They should have finished the **** off - instead he'll be up for parole soon. Unsurvivable my arse.
  12. Don't be silly. Anybody who has watched reruns of "The Professionals" on ITV4 knows that it's possible to shoot a firearm straight out of the hands of an assailant, leaving him with a look of surprise but otherwise unharmed.

    This task is especially easy if you are a former ladies' hairdresser with a curly perm and a sheepskin jacket.
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  13. still used for humane distruction of animals I believe
  14. William Matix and Michael Platt. I think they took a dozen rounds between them.
  15. And for years and years it's been possible to shoot someone in the shoulder and have them back fit and well for the next weeks episode.