Met tests officers for drug abuse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. The Metropolitan Police has begun testing all officers for drug abuse.
    Previously tests were carried out to screen new recruits, but now all ranks including community support officers and specials are liable.

    Those suspected of abuse can be tested for drugs including ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis. If positive, the officer must seek help or face dismissal.

    How pathetic. So it's ok to nick someone for a drug offence and stand up in Court as a witness for the Crown when that particular Officer is puffing himself!!!

    Stinks of another Comissioner Blair sponsored event!!
  2. They should have had it years ago.
    I know at least two met officers who regularly snort a few lines and relax off shift with a bit of blow.
  3. I suppose it's too much to hope that they start at the top.......
  4. That Blair must be on something, judging by his grasp on reality.
  5. Hello India-Juliet, new ARRSE user and frequent initiator of police-related threads in a Daily Mail stylee on an army forum.

    No, it hasn't.

    Certain jobs are liable, as is anybody suspected of substance abuse. Which is perfectly reasonable.


    Hello? Point Not Found. In case you are in a reasonable mood, let me put these points to you:

    1. Police recruit from the twentysomething generation. Some of them might have tried drugs. Some of them will have a different view on the matter than old farts like me who would like to see drug dealers dealt with more, er, robustly.

    2. The government cannot make it's mind up about how harmful certain drugs are or are not. Doesn't really help, does it?

    3. Your generalisation is bone-headed. Because it's a bone-headed generalisation.

    Whatever the man's faults, real or perceived, I really don't understand WTF you are on about.

    Like some other ARRSE users you seem to have fallen into the type of rancid generalising about the police that you would (quite correctly) take umbrage about re. the army. Like, for example, Tim Collins having to sack twenty squaddies for drug-dealing from his Bn. (an isolated case) or the army having to deal with soldiers beating up civilians in Iraq (again, an isolated and unusual occurence).

    Am I making sense? You are posting tabloid nonsense as fact. I am tiring of it.

  6. About 18 months ago,Derbyshire Police announced that they would go to clubs,and test people coming out,for substance abuse.Those found positive would be taken to court.Should clubs not welcome this tactic,then their license would be 'looked at' by the police.At no stage did Derbyshire say that they would test their own people.This in a force when an ARV guy shot himself in the hand,whilst unloading a pistol(hushed of course)!!To the mere mortal like me,there seems to be two legal systems(maybe)working here! One group of druggies goes to court,the other gets 'help'
  7. If you dont know WTF im on about, why are replying to my thread!!!
  8. Coppers aren't the only link in the justice system, why don't you test all the CPS solicitors, the court barristers, civilian staff etc etc.

    Because its not practical maybe? Are you seriously comparing police officers to a nightclub full of e-heads????

    You sound like that bloke on the other thread who is accusing all soldiers of being murdering thugs because of that video released to the news.

    As for the ARV guy who had an ND, yeah cause no-one in the Army would do that would they????? Please...

    When I was in the only reason that we hardly had any ND's is because we hardly got any time on the ranges.

    Its easy to have a pop at the cops isn't it
  9. All part of govt wish that police should reflect the wider community in racial mix. They are also reflecting wider community in drug taking.
  10. Please dont get me wrong either. Im am a big supporter of Constabularys but It seems Senior Officers who sit behind desk's are making pathectic decisions and procedures. Just take a look at my poll I ran on how many voted for the Commissioner of the Met to resign. Bring back John Stevens I say..