Met police - using waterboarding torture

Perhaps they thought that the suspects were terrorists and they could do what they liked with them.

Alternatively, they may have thought the suspects looked a little pail.
Waterboarding or bog washing? Whole world of a difference.
This shows the met is constantly changing to provide a modern up to date police service. Gone are the days when slags "fell down the stairs" or fitting up a darkie/paddy for an unsolved crime todays met uses modern crime fighting methods
Obviously the poor chap had something spilt on his head during the detention and they were just washing it off. Little bit too keen on H & S is only offence here chaps!
Goes without saying, no crime established.
bobthedog said:
Interestingly enough the complaint was lodged by a Police Officer, not the defendants.
That detail has varied dependant on news source. It was equally reported that the complaint was lodged by a 'civilian worker' with MPS.

I sincerely hope that there is no substance to this allegation. It's the last thing that the new Commissioner needs at this point in time.
So, Day 1 of Year Zero and new Home Secretary Alan Arthur Johnson MP, (potential prime Minister in waiting remember) surveys his new empire.

"Right, is there anything I should know about? I am not being sunk by any legacy issues that fcuktard Smith had been sitting on pending 4 June elections."

Sir Paul Stephenson: "Errrr......."

Looks like bad news on a number of levels, especially if the CPS had to ditch trials as a result

"Senior officers have known about the allegations for some weeks and Sir Paul has ordered a new regime of "intrusive supervision" across the force. The borough commander of Enfield, Chf Supt Adrian Hanstock, has been transferred though it is not suggested he knew about the crime squad's alleged activities.

A wider investigation into the squad includes accusations that evidence was fabricated and property stolen from suspects.

Nine detectives - virtually the entire squad - were suspended in February over allegations that goods including iPods and flat screen TVs were taken from suspects.

The torture claims involve an allegation by at least one suspect that their head was ducked into a bucket or tank of water.

The claims - involving six of the officers - led to the abandonment of a drugs trial involving the four men and one woman held in the drugs raid last November.

Police had said they found a large amount of cannabis and the suspects were charged with drug smuggling.

The case was abandoned four months later when the Crown Prosecution Service said "it would not have been in the public interest to proceed". It is understood the trial, by revealing the torture claims, would have compromised the criminal investigation into the officers."
Whatever next for the poor old met?

Intrusive Supervison is being introduced. Wow that'll sort it :roll: Micro Managing that Provides more oppurtunities for more work shys to get promoted then be employed to drive a desk and "Supervise" therefore reducing numbers out and about. Those who are out and about will have to spend more time dotting I's and crossing T's to make sure these intrusive supervisors don't have cause to put them on paper for not completing labours latest RATI (Reducing all Torturing Incidents) forms.

Why not bin this "Supervision" crap and lets re-introduce some "Leadership" into The countries Police Forces/Services/Companies/associations.

Moaning aside if this is true then thats pretty naughty stuff and people are going to get more than a slapped wrist.
Markintime said:
Not wishing to pour cold water on your claims but I think we'll find it all comes out in the wash.
They're probably feeling flushed with success :D
bullet_catcher said:
Waterboarding is too good for drug dealers, why can't they be executed?
Not wishing to be picky but aren't these suspects? But then a suspect is just a perp who hasn't coughed yet, eh Trotsky :wink:

But agreed drug dealers should be fed to the sharks... maybe they could call that surfboarding :?

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