Met Police rules regarding TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RfnGeordie, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Now i'm well aware of the idea that if coppers want to join the TA they have to apply to the chief constable and if there is less than 5% of the force in the reserve forces then its generally fine.

    I'm also told by the Met website that people who are currently in the TA when they join the Met must resign before commencing as a police officer and can then re-apply as above to re-join...

    Iam joining the Met in September and am currently in the TA (although not in London) and i've been trying to find out if a leave of absence covering the training period constitutes leaving the TA or if I must actually hand in all my kit.

    Also if there are any Met officers on here whats your experience of attitudes towards the TA from the force? supportive, unsupportive, indifferent? How quickly would I be able to rejoin if I did leave? after the 31 weeks? or after 2 years? are there are a lot of TA in the Met are they anywhere near the 5% or whatever it is? Is there a waiting list in that case?

    sorry for the 5 millions questions but a combination of the Met recruitment website being down and nobody I've spoke to on the phone seeming to have any idea of the regulations is becoming increasingly frustrating!

    Cheers in advance
  2. If you contact the recruitment office for the MPS they can put you in touch with the person who keeps the list off TA members and decides if you can join or not. It fluxuates wildly and I cannot tell you how long it is at the momment but it tends to be about a years wait. The MPS and people in it support the TA, you can even get added leave for TA trg (i think 10 days a year) but personally I feel one uniform in your life is enough.

  3. PM I_am_bored He's already gone through this issue albeit an few years ago.
  4. So very True!!!
  5. Nonsense - there is always room for an additional French maid's uniform
  6. If you were on a leave of absence, is it theoretically possible you could be called up? If so, presumably the Met wouldn't accept it?

    If it were OK, and your leave of absence was over 2 years, would you need to do basic again, like somebody who had actually quit? Has anybody been in this situation?
  7. I was a TA soldier when I joined my force. They didn't seem to have a problem with it though I only managed a year at the unit I was with at that time (it was almost 100 miles away) and then transfered to a more local regiment.

    The problem I had then was, as I picked up more courses, I found my weekends difficult to fit in with work and eventually left the TA. The impression I got from the PASO was that it would be unlikely that I would ever be mobilised due to these same specialist skills that I had aquired with the police, so what was the point in hanging about?

    I would clarify the Mets position on this as my oppo (who might see this) was in my old unit and joined the met the same time I joined my farce and I don't think they asked him to leave. Though it was over 7 years ago.

    Whatever happens, good luck with the job and enjoy. Don't let the bullsh!t get you down though.
  8. As far as I am aware, Police regs state you cant be in the TA as a probationer/student officer.(but then again that might be my force policy)....... But once out of probation you can join??? My force positively encourage TA service with 15 paid days leave :D . So no problems for me. :wink:
  9. its actually 0.5% of the Met's warranted workforce (there are no restrictions for police staff)

    I've never known any negative attitudes to the TA in the job. I left the TA when I joined, and I applied to re-joined about 4 months before I finished my probabtion. So you can apply to re-join any time, however, I would suggest waiting until you have finished your training. The 0.5% constitutes about 150 officers who are in the volunteer reserves (ie TA, RAuxAF, RNR/RMR). The way it works is that you apply to central Met HR through your line management and unit HR. Central HR maintains a list of people that are in the reserves. If we have hit the 0.5%, you go on a waiting list. If we haven't hit the 0.%%, you would get told that it is ok to join up. I don't know how full it is at present. The last person I know who applied to join was only on the waiting list for about 3 months.

    Any other questions, give me a PM
  10. Agreed, unless MDN is wearing it.
  11. Contrary to one of the above (i.e. 0.5% or something), there was in fact a Home Office circular (don't recall which one) laying out that there is in fact a 5% limit of force establishment allowed to join the Reserve Forces. Also, there is a limit on the number of Police Staff that can join too. As a member of both organisations, I researched the subject once out of my probationary period to rejoin.

    For your info.!
  12. What about if you was in the Met and was voluntary mobilised as an appose to compulsory, would they still be supportive, and give you the time off, including pre op training?
  13. or possibly, a nurses outfit, short, tight dress and a slightly clinical air about the wearer :wink: :D
  14. The policy in the Met Police remains at 0.5%

    These are lifts from the policy document

    "The Home Office has indicated that it is reasonable for police forces to allow only a percentage of their police strength to join the VRF. Home Office Circular 104/88 states that it is for individual Chief Constables to decide on the upper limit for volunteers and in the MPS this was set at 0.5% of police officers. HR Planning & Performance (Workforce Information Unit), HR Directorate maintains a central list of those officers who have been given permission to become active volunteers."

    Regarding Police Staff

    "In respect of police staff there is no upper limit for engagement in the VRF. However, any member of police staff wishing to join must notify the OCU commander/Head of Branch of his/her intention."
  15. This is a direct lift from the Met Policy

    "The MPS would not wish their staff to volunteer for such liability and therefore will not normally give the required agreement, but each case will be considered on its own merits by the reservist's OCU commander/Head of Branch."