Met police in talks over law change to allow positive discrimination

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by stinker, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Met police in talks over law change to allow positive discrimination | UK news | The Guardian

    Met consider hiring a black officer for every white one | The Voice Online

    Hardly new news as this Arrse thread from 2004 shows;

    If the law is changed will this address the problem or will it lead to a falling standards?

    Are there even enough applicants from 'minority groups?

    If the issue is to be resolved are there other options available? We are talking about a 40%ish increase
  2. How long before a white man sues them for discriminating against him?
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  3. I better idea would be advertise free £1000 for any non white or non british person living in London to fill out a survey.
    And hang everyone one who turns up.

    Then you'd be about 90/10 with your percentage, and anyone who claims they are being discriminated against gets a bit of good ol police brutality.

    Or you could just put kick every white police man in the family jewels and inform them your type isn't wanted around here.
  4. It's a bit of a Catch 22 situation though, the Met is perceived as being racist by a large percentage of the ethnic population due to percentage of white male officers - 9 in 10 according to the article - and is not seen as an attractive option for those reasons. Stats back up the perceptions.

    It isn't just the racial make up of the force that's the issue. Something like 50% of the officers commute in from Surrey and Herts. It helps to have plod recruited from within the community doesn't it? If the immigrant community of London is now at 50% or higher it makes sense that the police force reflect that. How they're going to implement it god knows.
  5. How exactly is this equality?
    Lowering standards for non whites, yet making whites still keeping the same high standard in so far from equality it is laughable.

    How about stop letting millions of people sticking to their old ways of life in the shit holes they came from and tell them this is the UK, "this is our rules if you don't like them bugger off", and stop pretending that multiculturalism is going to ever work.

    What happens if they still can't get enough minority applicants?
    Will it be pay incentives for non-whites to become a cop?

    I think they need to go to the dictionary and look up what equality means.

    It'd be like saying there are too many blacks in prisons so we need to make it harder for blacks to get arrested or easier to lock up white people, so our jails are equal.
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  6. Are you ill?
  7. is beetroot the colour of your face as you type furiously with two fingers? have you broken your keyboard?
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  8. If this works with the Mets I can see the Army following suit :)
  9. Oh god, you had bring baseball into it didn't you?
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  10. The current predicament in police recruiting (i.e. the lack of money to actually recruit) combined with demands being made in some quarters made that only graduates will be acceptable for recruitment in the future (and that they will have to accept a £5k drop in starting wage for the privilege and will be expected to have done some time as an unpaid Special Cnstable during their time in academia), with the current concerns of the Inspecting ranks (as a 4 Jun 2013) that police officers nationwide are in dire need of an education in criminal law and police procedure which as been diluted over the years, as previous methods of training were viewed as archaic and militaristic, and the removal of the minimum education requirements to accommodate those of lower academic ability has resulted in a complete de-skilling of our police.

    Politically driven performance related 'policing' which was accepted unquestionably by several 'career minded' senior officers has aided in the gradual move away from an 'investigative' role to one which is nothing short of being a form filler without any lowering of the demands upon the police sort of puts policing in a very unhappy place. There are police officers out there who have never taken a case to trial. A substantial amount of summary cases don't see the inside of the Magistrate's Court as the standard isn't good enough. The CPS don't help the problem either. The removal of the old fitness tests to allow for those who were unable to pass them, has come back to roost as well. There's many more examples of scales/restrictions being lowered to accommodate those who would otherwise be denied a career in the police had they remained in force. In some cases those people who were accommodated by the removal of restrictions have used their 'problem' to further their own career over better Officers and are now responsible for the state of British policing as it is today. They won't accept that responsibility though. They'll blame somebody else or invent a new 'initiative' to draw attention away from the real issues, i.e poor leadership.

    The cops aren't perfect, but what's happened to them over the recent 20 years and what is happening right now is **** all short of criminal and the public need to be concerned. What we will have in the future will be an organisation which will ask how high when politicians tell them to jump. Today's problems are not the only problems. What happens 10 years up the road is also a concern. Besides which, the enforced recruitment of ethic minorities has been tried before with the Met. And it didn't work back then either.

    (there are several typos, bad grammar, etc., in the above. I just can't be ******* bothered to correct them)
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  11. 'Met consider hiring a black officer for every white one'.

    Would there be a probationary period before being issued with your black officer?
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  12. Excellent, well said.
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  13. If the law is changed to allow positive discrimination then I can see every government dept following suit.
  14. There was a debate on the radio (5 Live) the other day regarding the use of tasers on U16s. It did occur to me that if the average policeman had sufficient 'presence' to disuade a hefty 14-year-old from veering off the path of righteousness, maybe the deployment of these weapons would be less frequent. It seems odd that the 'clip around the ear' of yore- derided as a sign of less civilised times, especially by liberal types- has been replaced by 50,000 volts of excruciating pain. Mind you the same liberal types probably campaigned for the 5' tall terrier-type women to be given a chance at policing, it's probably these officers who are finding the odd teenage tearaway a bit of a handful and thus cutting to the chase and filling 'em with electric.

    It's the same story with this issue, a reduction of standards to tick boxes. The police 'service' will have less respect and be less likely to recruit quality people- of all backgrounds.
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  15. Well if the PSNI can cope with taking in Papists (Irish ones, Poles need not apply, we do equality so well in the 6C!) who are liable to be the first ones shot if IRA dissidents get their act together the Met can handle a few more black faces cluttering up the canteen. Never work in Kent of course.