Met Police Diplomatic Protectiion Squad

After the recent farce is it time to dispense with the very expensive and high profile "services" of the Met Police protecting Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament etc? I would prefer to see a Joint Services group, composed of RMP, RAFP and RN Regulators, taking on the responsibility. After the recent farce that ended in the resignation of a Cabinet Minister the Met seems to have lost control. The Police Federation, in my opinion, acted disgracefully throughout the whole sorry business.
Can't do that, it's not traditional London. Why else would the Met still wear white shirts with metal numbers instead of dressing like they're special farces in combats, black fleeces and tac vests.
A joint services team would do the job very well however having troops protecting politicians sends out the wrong message, so I doubt it would ever happen.
Really? Have you never seen how pathetic the MDP look whilst stagging on with MP7s (Bic of course).
Yes, but they are police and trained with firearms and they do little of the sort of police work that someone who joined the Met could expect to do. If they aren't smart enough for you check out some of the present bunch. Or are you one?
I think even the RMP do more normal police type work than mod plod to be honest.
You could be right. My point was that between servicemen and civplod is MoD plod. As I stated an empire has been built and it will only be taken from a kicking and screaming Met which will not want to be deemed incompetent and lose the prestige because after DPG comes SEG and then Royalty Protection. The Met would have to go back to solving crime.
US Marine Corps fulfill virtully the same function in the US and at US diplomatic post overseas by the way.
Not quite. They are there to protect the secret stuff INSIDE the Embassy suc as information and comms eqipment. Much the same as teh Royal Signals Embassy comms guys before they were civilianised.

Bourne Identity aside, they are not the Met Dip Sy mob.
As a historical point, a lot of stuff now covered by MoD plod and its former constituent service constabularies was once covered by the Met. Most was handed over by the 1920s.

(Devonport, Portsmouth, Chataham, Sheerness, Pembroke, Rosyth, Deptford and Woolwich Dockyards, Priddy's Hard, RNAD Marchwood, Royal Clarence Yard, Woolwich Arsenal, Waltham Abbey RGF, Enfield RSAF, Holton Heath RN Cordite Factory etc.)

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