Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian "brown noser" Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair spent much of yesterday brown nosing to "community" leaders even though those same "community " leaders ripped into him for not consulting them before raiding the murderers houses. I hadn't realised that the Police were required to get permission from Muslim leaders before policing muslim areas !!!

    In order to be the most PC slimeball in the Met brown noser Blair said to the muslims and I quote
    So who was it then, the WRVS or maybe a maverick group of hacked off mormons ?

    Isn't it about time brown noser Blair stopped supplicating himself to these unelected community leaders, stopped appeasing them, stopped his sickening Political Correctness and got on with the job a rozzer should be doing ?
  2. Like his namesake, he will say one thing to one group and have a different argument for another group, all in the interests of courting popularity.
  3. Don’t be so disingenuous, Blair is right, there is nothing wrong with fundamentalism it’s the dissent into extremism that is the problem.

    Fundamentalism does not necessarily equate with extremism. For example do all Christian fundamentalists go around shooting abortion doctors? No, the only people who do are ‘Christian’ extremists?

    I don't like fundamentalism of any kind but Blair was quite corrrect in to state what he said.
  4. castlereagh, do you agree with Ian brown noser Blair that these murders were nothing to do with the followers of Islam ?
  5. Agreed here.
    What the...??? They need permission to search or police Muslim areas???? 8O

  6. No one can deny that the followers of Islam are the cause of these murders but I don't think that's what Sir Ian Blair meant by his statement. It comes across to me as "it's not the religion that fcuks up the people but it's the brains of the people that are fcuked up" but that's just me.
  9. Thats the answer and it is rather stupid to say otherwise isn't it ?
  10. I believe that these murders were extremists and so can not be associated with the vast majority of Muslims who do not adhere to extremist and ignorant interpretation of Islam.
    You can't smear whole groups with the acts or beliefs of a minority or otherwise consensus would be for example that all Catholics support the acts the Irish republican terrorists
  11. Bombers banned from mosques according to the Indy


  12. Yes, that I concede. :p
  13. This was my reaction too.

    OK the deal is this You ASK us before you raid an address in OUR area and we won't tell the intended victim that your comming Yeah right, next the police will have to ask permission to walk down the street in a muslim area. :x
  15. You are as bad as the brown noser blair, he said "that these murders were nothing to do with the followers of Islam" and that is a lie. And you are trying to avoid answering the question with a straight answer.

    You are of course correct in saying that the majority of muslims are not associated with the filth that carried out these murders