Met Plod plumb the depths

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Should've used reasonable force to resist having their property stolen. They'd have ended up with a warm place to get their head down either way. You can hardly justify it as a crackdown on homelessness - the poor sods are still homeless, and to think we'll be paying this ******** a six figure salary :pissedoff:
  2. How does taking the poor sods gonk bags solve the problem no I am sure the charities that have supplied them will be over the moon.
  3. I hope that they all caught nits. What a shite way to treat people who are so far down the scale they don't even feature. Bunch of ******* tossers. What have they achieved? Nothing. What have they created? A new level of poverty. Imagine taking their food? What are these people going to ******* do now? Met. ******* *******.
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  4. Times have surely changed. And not for the better.

    When I was in the Met, we would beg the sarnies from shops, that were running out of date that day, and trawl the usual places to find rough sleepers and give the sarnies out.

    If the weather was really bad and there was room in the cells, we'd nick them for the night (for incapable - less paperwork) then give the breakfast and bin them out before early turn comes on duty.

    Such a shame.
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  5. To be honest I think it depends on where they were bedding down.

    In a park, or a public space used frequently, then they need to sod off. I'm fairly sure they'd have been told to sod off on several occasions.

    But on wasteground or some such then I'm sure they'd be left alone. The article didn't make it clear where they were
  6. Yes it did:

  7. Same in Kent. When I was a probie in Gravesend I knew the local Garage would give us their out of date sarnies on the stroke of midnight. We even got the local McDonalds on board befrore 'the usual suspects' screwed it up.
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  8. Oh, I guess the article made it clear but my fecking eyes didnt.

    Well in that case someone might want to look into what complaints Redbridge borough police received in order to prompt such action, and what power they used to seize the tramps' stuff.

    I recall a situation from my plodding past where a bunch of homeless & unemployed Polish builders set up camp behind hoarding in a disused petrol station.

    after a few weeks the stench of rubbish & human excrement was vomit inducing when smelt from outside the hoarding, and the sounds of them fighting and kicking off at each other resulted in a barrage of calls to police from local businesses, residents, and parents walking their kids past the site to get to a primary school up the road.

    I doubt they've done it just to annoy the tramps, theyre not sinner251 after all.
  9. Even if that is the case,, even if they're horrible degenerates, how is taking their food going to accomplish anything bar driving them to desperation.

    Taking food from beggars is a new low; I don't know this bloody country any more.
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  10. 1) its from the Independent, therefore not known for police loving tendencies

    2) Theyve probably been told to fck off or be kicked out and have all the shite left in the building binned - thats how similar clearances have worked before - squats, parliament square etc.

    3) To turf them out and let them keep their stuff results in coming back a day or two later to find the place broken into again and the same people with the same stuff in the same building.

    Old Bill, damned if you do, damned if you dont, then complained about on the internet.

    Jesus tittyfcukingchrist
  11. No need to restrain yourself - I understand that under the new rules you can use more than reasonable force, which would imply unreasonable force.

    My interpretation of unreasonable force falls somewhere between shooting them with a gun that fires werewolves, and dropping a volcano on them...
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  12. This report may be exaggerated, inaccurate, or even untrue. Incoming for this post is fine and you'll have to excuse me while I make no apologies for it, I just happen to have had experience of our marvellous British Bobbies confiscating tents, food and belongings, smashing up sleeping spots, in Guz during 2006-2007. This won't look a great post, and I've had the pleasure of homelessness, and rough sleeping in the past. Nah, not through drink and drugs, through personal shit, shite women, and illness. Homeless people aren't all scum, drunks and junkies by the way.

    This incident explains why rough sleepers hide out of the way, they are a target for every intolerant fcukwit, coppers, and every violent thug that knows where they live. If society doesn't want homeless people, society and its police should be solving homelessness, but not by bullying homeless people. The truth as I found it, is that authorities, social services, police and the public, have no sympathy and no tolerance for homeless people, they could not give a flying fcuk what happens to them. Councils will turn away elderly people sleeping in their cars. Nothing since my experience, has changed this opinion.

    If this report is true; there's no excuse , there's no justification. Well done to the officers who did this, well done for solving nothing, by merely harassing desperate people at the very bottom of society. If it's reported accurately, "Police in north London have seized blankets, sleeping bags and food donations from rough sleepers in a crackdown on homelessness. [Their] belongings, mostly donated by sympathetic members of the community, were snatched by police from a group of homeless people as they sheltered in an abandoned public baths for the night". Nothing to sleep in, no shelter, no possessions, no food.

    You, if this is true, the officers involved, took blankets, food and possessions from rough sleepers and left them with nothing? Did you want them to perish? Starve? Suffer even more? Homelessness is a crime?

    Congratulations, if this is true, you punished homeless people committing the crime of being homeless, you utter utter fcuks. Not only are not all homeless people "tramps", people who are legally homeless and roofless can kiss their ass goodbye if they have no friends or relatives to stay with. These "police" might think about how they'd feel with no home to go to, at night when the weather is shit and they're forced to sleep rough and rely on charity. I hope that for some of these coppers, this will happen in the future. The leadership of this "operation" should hang their head in shame. Like I said, no apologies for this post.
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  13. Don't worry everyone: They were mostly immigrants from Eastern Europe. Utilizing British doss bags..
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  14. *****

    Bring back the spike! proper old fashioned dosshouses, thats what we need.