Met plod consider purchase of three water cannon.

What's the point of buying more kit they will never use?

Will they lock them away with all the dick guns and forget about the too?
And fill it full of this.

Cheers for that. Waiting to see which way the wind blows before giving your opinion? Here we go then;

I think it's outrageous/ waste of taxpayers/ etc, blah blah blah........

You do realize who's going to see this thread and appear with his crayon don't you?
At least they will then have something to help put the fires out rather just stand and watch buildings get torched.
It's high time that the met had something powerfull to tackle those pesky pensioners. Shoving them in the hope that they fall down dead has not been as sucessfull as was hoped.

The German police have no such worries!
Only three? To make any sort of serious impact, for an area the size of London they're going to need a few more than three. They'll seriously need to re think their public order tactics also.
Police on tin blue line : "We put our wall up to kettle 'em"

Police on water cannon: "We have water to disperse them"

All police in chorus : "We'll just pen 'em up and soak 'em yeh"

Human Rights Lawyers: "Plenty of work for all of us even though we proliferate like rabbits"
And news just in.

It has emerged that Met Police plans, to participate in the winter olympics, have started amidst some confusion about what "Dah luge competition" actually is. Similarly RCMP plans have been amended after they realised that certain racist officers had misunderstood the explanation of "Skidding on a slope".
Cardiff Police on a cost saving drive have approached the city council. Bute Town (previously known as Tiger Bay) home of the oldest ethnic minority community in UK. Somalis. The council dustcart is routinely followed on its rounds by the council gulley sucker. Because there is a tendency of the local community not to use bin bags or the waste transfer bins placed on their car park. Hence the Taff dustmen shovel the refuse direct off the pavement. Then the gulley sucker clears the drains blocked by rain that has washed into the pile of refuse in the previous week.

A reversible pressure gulley sucker. Load it up as per standard procedure at Bute Town ... then fire it back at head height at rioters. Defence against human rights lawyers "Our jet of fluid was the result of respect for diversity. It was the product of the ethnic minority being respected to pursue its own cultural path. In fact the paths of Bute Town are renowned for what they culture. What possible objection could there be to police immersing people in the products of our enrichening multicultural society ?"

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