Met gives up its own protected witnesses?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. The press are slamming The Old Bill this week, in particular The Met.

    I'm placing my bet now that the government will announce a sweeping change to policing or further cuts within a month.

    Or perhaps it's complete fluke that all these "scandals" are being uncovered all at the same time.

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  2. Not my style to criticise Police but, if half of the criticism the Met have attracted over the past few years is anything to go by, and let's not forget their actions in riots and kettling fiascos, it would be enough to think the Met is badly run, badly led and due for an overhaul. BBC News - Lawrence friend Duwayne Brooks 'bugged by police'
  3. I know what you mean, but it strikes me as a little bit of a hatchet job that this is all coming out in quick succession.

    The press need to be careful that they don't get the police they deserve. I bet there are a lot of good eggs who are starting to think "why bother"

    But I have to agree with you. There can't be that much smoke without fire.

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  4. You could be right. But again, it's well known that once a criminal conspiracy starts to come unravelled, people on the periphery with knowledge usually rush to reveal what they know, in an attempt to paint themselves in a slightly better light, or have a better chance when charges start to be laid.
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  5. It does seem a coincidence that all these stories are coming out just before the new round of government cuts is announced, that said morale is so low at the moment I can't see any new changes doing much to reduce it any further. I'm hard pressed to find a colleague at my nick at present who hasn't toyed with the idea of quitting or wants to quit but is caught in the pension trap.
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  6. Weyman Bennett - Metapedia

    Bit of a smear ? Anyways up, ignoring the IRA supportive stance of the Socialist Workers, Weyman must be held in high esteem by CMD and the sainted (Shouldn't be spied on at any time) Doreen Lawrence.

    Unite Against Fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Let's not get too uptight about a few "PIs". To put it into perspective people like Harry Sporborg (puppet master of Mrs Thatcher) created private intelligence agency in UK spying on and infiltrating trades unions. And spying on Socialist Worker types and their supporters and apologists. I wonder if Harry's "Law" has long held a file on Doreen ?

    Since Harry had the ear of MI5, and belonga MI6, Special Branch liaison were probably quite amenable.

    How many people suspected they were being watched by the state ? Who didn't realise they were being clocked by a quasi state sub contractor ? What better than a thick attention seeking ex ploddie to create the smokescreen. "I wuz hordered to get schtuff what wood smear the Lawrence family". A police version of Martin Ingram.

    Like his handlers would tell him the objective of his activity.

    My own brief, many years ago, was "Find anything that might not otherwise come to light".

    To this day I don't know what I was supposed to find. Or whether I found it.

    So I don't believe this emerging born again justice campaigner the ex ploddie. Did he send a submission to Macpherson Inquiry ? Did he refuse unlawful orders ? Was he subject of a constable oath ? Did he send a statement to Judge in the Duwayne Brooks case now being cited ? Prison beckons you garrulous twat.

    I tend to agree the comments on this thread. The Lawrences did not suffer any worse than anyone else at police hands. Their case is not exceptional and it does not represent any basis to learn lessons.

    Stand by for cuts and reforms. Preparatory propagandists at work. Lawrences grasp any opportunity for their addiction for attention seeking behaviour. Predictable. As is the press reaction as they just love a Sainted Lawrence family story.

    CMD ready to jump on the bandwagon to show how much he cares. Part of his UAF anti EDL strategy ?

    Not that Doreen has his ear through UAF ?

    If Doreen Lawrence was not on police radar, long before her son's tragic confrontation with the opposition far right, then I would think things remiss.

    But I think CMD has misjudged this. There are many far worse cases than Lawrence, who cannot get a single line in the press and cannot get any ministerial attention.
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  7. BounceBanana makes sense... I think o_O Not to take the mick', I just don't get half of what you post, probably because it's not so much over my head, more like up in feckin orbit round Pluto, mate. I will say that while these reports and the Met's reputation have more to do with leadership and policy, and the Press, gits that they are, and political machinations, let's not forget the average copper on the street isn't to blame . He or she doesn't make policy and doesn't get paid to manage the service. The average Bobby is entitled to the old 'n' bold maxim while they're out there dealing with stuff often on their jack: failure is the fault of management. It can't be great when you read stuff like Countrylad's post; poor morale and frustration. It would be good to see more rank and file opinion, if they can get a word in.
  8. I would have thought that the ordinary Rozzers were likely to be more pissed off at the thought of their bosses allowing trials to be trashed, than most of the general public. I very much doubt they even get bought a pint out of the bribes.
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  9. Link?
  10. Sorry. I'm a link lizard and struggle with it.

    The jist of it seems The public sector are likely to lose their annual incremental pay increases and the Policing budget is being further reduced.

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  11. I doubt that a story about bent senior officers would do much to lower the police as a whole in public esteem. If it's tinfoil hat time, I think they'd run with something involving nonces, immigrants and health and safety gone mad.
  12. I read that it was the justice budget. I imagine some of that will come out of the already publicised reduction in legal aid. As for the rest who knows where the rest will come from. Policing services are stretched enough already with these cuts coming in I can only see it getting worse. I posted earlier about the poor morale and it probably can't get worse. I'm willing to admit I may have spoken too soon.

    Assault on pay and conditions, less resources, less civilian staff support, increased bureaucracy and at present a never ending assault on police in the press can only serve to break the ordinary decent bobby (and contrary to popular belief there are some, except the black rats :p ) and in the end he/she may well walk. Instead you'll get the G4S patrol and the odd special at weekends.
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  13. You're forgetting the well know. Daily Mail rule. ACAB. Senior or junior ranks makes no odds.

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