Met gets it wrong again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boris3098, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. In my view, one of the things that contributes to racism in the Met is the existence of the Black and Asian Police Association. Apart from anything else it prevents full integration of all shades of PO's.

    I cant imagine the army having a Black And Asian Cpls Mess.
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  2. Sounds like the MET really screwed up this one. Assuming the whole thing is not concocted, there is just no valid excuse for the actions of the officers involved.
  3. EODMat, I have to agree, the existence of various associations in the plod is very problematic. It is time we had a modernised police force that is fit for purpose and serves the public.
  4. The guy was aquitted.

    So why would you want to stop and be a good citizen if you were black?

    Here's a thought:
    If the trouble was being caused by white youths and a white bloke stopped in similar circumstances I wonder if the same would have happened?

    They really need to get a grip.
    Difficult circumstances I know, but then that's what they're paid for.
  5. It also sounds like gratuitous use of the tazer in a circumstance that clearly didnt call for it.
  6. There's no excuse for this at all. None. It's just a case of appalling policing.
  7. What is the time span of these complaints, one seemed to date back almost a year; every outrage bus is followed by a shiny bandwagon driven by lawyers.
    However there is a limit to how often the 'it was a mistake/one rotten apple' statement can be used. And I'm mostly on the police side.
  8. Completely agree. But that in no way justifies the actions of the police officers in this incident.
  9. "Kennedy-Macfoy was driving through Harrow around 3.30am on 4 September when he saw a young man hurl a rock at a police van."

    Last September.
    Aquitted in February.

    Edit to add, He could quite easily have lost his job over this. And under ACAS he may not have got it back even when proved innocent.
  10. Two sides to every story. Maybe it will turn out the police WERE well out of order. On the other hand, this is obviously an intelligient guy with a good job (as football hooligans/ rioters can be, so doesn't necessarily prove anything). Why did he stop at 0330 in the morning because someone threw a rock at a van? Most people would have kept on going. It wasn't a lone officer in need of help - it was a group of officers dealing with a large public disorder incident. Oh yes....he thought it was a "car accident" - that's why he drove through a cordon. Always two sides and truth usually lies somewhere in thre middle.
  11. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I hope England does`nt become like America where the police taser you for practically no reason. I remember watching the news last year I think where 4 policemen were subduing 1 man and tasered him while he was laying on the ground. If 4 men can`t subdue 1 man there is something wrong with thier training.
  12. You mean like which journo shall we take a bribe from today?
  13. Yes.
    And in court he was aquitted.

    Try googling his name. He even trained as a police officer but left because of family illness.
  14. Well......

    Well yes.