Met Commissioner - Sir Ian Balir

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. As you will see, here is a photograph of the ex-Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

    Forgive me chaps, but since when did the Police
    i) wear mess kit and
    ii) and the entitlement to wear an aiguillettes?




    PS: It doesn't look to be a self tie bow-tie and with a wing collar...? :? :D

  2. Where is this picture taken from?
  3. I think that as a chief constable he is one of the few police who is appointed/commisioned in technical terms and is an officer of the crown which may answer the question or I may be completely wrong.
  4. Pass - I don't know where the photo is from, research via a google image search threw it up.
  5. I imagine the sort of functions he gets invited to warrant it.
  6. I think you'll find that Blair is still the Commissioner. But if that is a Mess Dress, I wonder why he is not wearing any medals? He's entitled to a few, I think, at least the Queen's Golden Jubilee and the QPM.
  7. I think the bugger's still in post, sorry and all.

    Have asked a Met mate to comment. I think (ii) may be down to a special status Commanders and above in the Met have in receiving their appointments directly from the Queen (may also apply to City of London). I'll happily bow to those with actual facts on this one.

    Why were you expecting standards from this man?
  8. Could be something to do with Lord Trenchard. He was a Met Commissioner
    and wanted to introduce an, 'Officer Entry' class into the Met.

    Before him, and possibly after, many other high ranking officers from the Armed Services held the rank of ' Commissioner' - just a guess though.
  9. [​IMG]

    That's him in his day suit. Looks like 4 ribbons to my currently mildly inebriated stare.
  10. I wouldn't say Officer Class for the upper echelons of the Met, more like Muppet Class.
  11. Right,

    There will be his Knighthood, Police Long Service and Good Conduct, QPM, Queens Silver (possibly), and Queens Golden.

    Others ?
  12. Sheeps,


  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    And, indeed, what appears to be either a syrup or a crappy dye job...
  14. and a winged-collar from Tesco, or similar...
  15. I'm not a great fan of the police, however they chap on the far left looks like he slept in his suit and if the others are formally dressed why isn't he?

    Edited to add, its the 2005 GG2 Leadership and Diversity awards and the suited chap is Tony McNulty MP, then minister for Immigration, nationality and citizenship now Home Office Minister of State for Security, Counter-terrorism, Crime and Policing. I worry more and more these days.....