Met Commissioner Shortlist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. My money would be on Bernie Hogan-Howe if I had any
  2. WPCs seem to be standard comfort ladies for up and coming Met Officers. Perk of the job I suppose.
  3. May I be the first to recomend Jeremy Clarkson :?
  4. What? For **** from the shortlist?
  5. Well at least that ghastly woman(who currently works for HMIC) did not make the short list!
  6. I live in London, and take some solace from the fact that Boris Johnson may have input on this matter.

    I notice from my ES this evening that the man who gave Bliar a few sleepless moments is NOT to be considered.

    Obviously there cannot be a REAL policeman at the top of the 'Met Police Farce' - it is important to have a politically correct, on-message, ZANU Neu Arbeit supporting twat!
  7. I said Sir Paul Scott-Lee months ago.

    Get stuffed London, we like our Proper Coppers.