Met chief rejects RUC slur claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DutyCrow, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Met chief rejects RUC slur claim

    Sir Ian Blair said he did not want to offend anybody
    The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has said a row over his remarks about the RUC is "a storm in a tea cup".
    Sir Ian Blair had paid tribute to those who transformed policing in NI from an "almost completely paramilitary organisation, to an emblem of hope".

    The DUP said it was a "disgrace" and urged him to withdraw his remarks.

    Sir Ian said he was describing a police force that during the Troubles had to be supported by heavily-armed military, and he did not intend any slur.

    "It's a storm in a tea cup - of course I don't want to offend anybody," he said.

    "I was using the word as we would use it in England, because that would be a description of a force that faced the horrific terrorist threat that it did.

    "I think this is Ulster politics choosing words so that every word is weighed in a different direction."

    On Tuesday, Sir Ian had told an Ulster Television reporter: "You would have to be entirely insensitive not to have noticed that there has been change here.

    "I pay tribute to all the people from so many different walks of life... in making the changes from what was, as you say, a paramilitary, almost completely paramilitary organisation, to an emblem of hope."

    The PSNI replaced the old Royal Ulster Constabulary in 2001 as part of wide-ranging reforms of policing in Northern Ireland, recommended in the Patten Report.
  2. So we're meant to believe that a man of his rank, standing and (questionable?) intelligence has no concept of the impact such wording would have? Aye right. The man is a friggin disgrace. An unreserved apology wouldn't go amiss, but how likely is that? I'll not hold me breath.
  3. I can't see what all the fuss is all about.
  4. looked like a 'paramilitary' force to me, more guns than an an NRA wankfest, armoured landies, 'special' units with more firepower than a US carrier battle group....

    just coz nordies go looking for offence and choose to use/abuse the english language for their own political ends why should we give a fcuk?
  5. The RUC where not a "terroist" force i had reltives served and paid the consequence and got killed. The RUC had to do a job which had to be done stop terroisim.
  6. So Sir Ian experiences the 'Isle of Semantically Challenged English'. Though not one of my favourite Chief Constables, I do feel a modicum of sorrow for him. He's viewed by his ilk as being one of the more politically astute players around at the present time.
    He would have gone up in my estimations if he had publicly warned Hugh Orde the current CC of the PSNI, off, over leaving one of his Scotland Yard officers pregnant.
  7. Is that the Royal we?
  9. i'm reading it very carefully but i can't find IB's reference to the RUC being a terrorist force...

    or is it that you don't know the actual meaning of the word 'paramilitary' - or indeed you do know the actual meaning of the word but are willfully ignoring it so as to take offence for political purposes?

    which would obviously be a first...
  10. yes. i'm the queen don't you know!
  11. Noooo....

    The RUC were an even handed, fair, unbigoted police for the whole province, not worrying what religious background you came from and embracing all sides of the community...

    how could people possibly besmirch their good character and whiter than white policing methods..

    Shame on you all.

    what IS the fucking fuss about actually?
  12. I don't see it as a slur. Of course the RUC was "para-military". It had to be to cope with the environment it had to work in. This hysteria is because the term has evolved into a single word "paramilitary" and is used to describe civilian organisations who are organised on a military basis, i.e. terrorist organisations.

    The RUC used military weapons, military style uniforms and military tactics. It was, and still is, (as PSNI) a para-military police force. Just the same as the Italian Carabinieri or the French Gendarmerie. Exactly the same can be said about UK mainland police firearms teams or American SWAT.
  13. My father started out his working life a as copper in the Northern Rhodesian Police - he has always described them as a paramilitary police force - it's never occurred to me to think of that as a derogotary term and I would have described the RUC in the same terms.