Met’s mascot division Diversity & Citizen Focus Directorate

Scotland Yard is spending £15,000 on ethnically diverse police mascots after complaints that PCSO Steve, its current rubber representative, is too white, too male, and too blond.

Three new mascots – to be known as “Police Pals” – will make up, with Steve, Britain’s first foam-headed Safer Neighbourhood team.

The initiative follows the creation of a working group within the force’s Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate to tackle “race and gender” issues within the Met’s mascot division.

Details were revealed yesterday in written answers from Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to the London Assembly. Sir Ian disclosed that £600 was being spent on designing the mascots and £14,400 had been set aside to provide four uniforms for each team member. Helmets for their enormous foam heads will prove particularly expensive.
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How good will they be in creating a 'Safer Neighbourhood'? Is this a Policing idea that can be exported to Basra and Helmand or even Islington?
Old. But still a good opportunity to speak up for Mongoloid representation with their "enormous foam heads".

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