Messi for Chelsea?

The Metro reliable source then?? 65 goals all comps this year , While pep is there he will never leave if i aint mistaken i think there is a buy out clause in hes contract set for about 150 million euros, Now kaka maybe but you already have mata could do with looseing meriles though i know hes name aint spelt right but dont really care.
His release clause is 250,000,000 Euros. It's irrelevant for English clubs though, they're only legal between Spanish clubs.

And I doubt Barcelona would even answer the phone unless you had £250,000,000 in cash sat next to you. Even Citeh couldn't spend that with the new financial fair play rules coming in.
Messi is sensible enough to know he couldn't play in Chelsea, their style is totally different for one thing. He has had problems with the Argie national team for that very same reason.
The key to Messi is to realise that he is just a genuinely simple lad who isn't the best brain in the world but just loves to play footie all day. He isn't motivated by even bigger bucks, and just likes what he does.

He likes Barça, his family are here and happy, and without his family he isn't the same Messi. He plays well with the Barça style which allows him to score freely and to move in a way that he is well adapted to, which is why he scores so many. Barça are an attacking side with their 'tici-taci' game and look at the way Messi and Cesc combine perfectly on occasions to produce spectacular goals. Chelsea can't do that for him.

He doesn't know english and would have problems with the language and is smart enough to know that. Good grief, he's been here since he was 14 and nobody has heard him speak a word of catalan yet, whereas Iniesta can rattle away quite well and he too came here as a teenager. He would likely have probelms in adapting to the London lifestyle.

Messi also spends time and part of his wad in good causes which keeps him occupied and committed to staying. Why on earth would he want to change all this for a team like Chelsea? Whatever the Russian wants, I would be more surprised than an truly surprised thing if he got it.

Nope, Messi for Barça and long may it last. I watch them every week and the little bugger still surprises me with the stuff he does.
Visca Messi, visca Barça.
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