Messes and numbers required.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invisible_man, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question.

    Does anyone, off the top of their heads, know how many personnel you would require in order to start a mess.

    Both for a WO+Sgts and also Cpls, i imagine it will be written in a dusty book somewhere. Any pointers??
  2. As I'm a curious type...Why? What did you have in mind?
  3. The possibility of starting a Cpls and also a WO+Sgts mess in Bulford depending on numbers, this is due to the closure of the Garrison mess and likely assimilation into another mess.
    Probably a long shot but i thought it was worth looking into.
  4. Well, the mess here in Brecon has 29 members (including honorary). Average mess meeting has about ten of us in attendance.

    Sure you can rustle up more than that. :)

    So when are you guys going to come give me a hand moving furniture anyway?
  5. I_M,

    Why don't you just rquest that the Int Corps Mess in Chickers move lock stock and barrel to Bulford...seeing how Bulford appears to now be the home of the Int Corps :p
  6. Are you providing food and beer?
  7. It is apparent that other cap badges are beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of Corps cutting around the place!! :D Slowly we are moving into a position to effect a coup!
  8. It's not just about the number of Mess Members, but whether or not the Members will support the Mess.
  9. Never mind other cap badges, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with the amount of the Corps in Bulford!
  10. True, cant help thinking it a bit Highlander..ish "The Quickening"!!
  11. My view would be that i would rather be part of our own mess than assimilated into, for example the DSR.
    Any other views positive or negative would be appreciated, to see if it is worthwhile looking into.
  12. Have you tried taking a look in Queen's regs for this one? I seem to recall the subject of messes being mentioned, not sure about numbers required etc though.
  13. Hmm, don't you mean "The Gathering"?

    Highlander happens to be one of the best films ever made! It was, however, ruined by some really horrrible sequels. I don't know why though because there can be only one............

    (I'll get my coat)
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You see this is why the Int Corps has such a bad reputation in the wider army. 'Highlander' is not 'one of the best films ever made'. It is, on the other hand, one of the funniest films ever made, though not intentionally. WTF? You've got Sean Connery dressed as a Spaniard, called Ramirez but claiming to be an Egyptian in a Scots accent. Meanwhile, Christophe Lambert is calling himself McLeod, claiming to be Scots but speaking in a cod French accent (he was actually born on Long Island, New York State). Admittedly Beatie Edney would get it; but she is the only good thing in the film. Blinking flip!

    Don't tell me you play Dungeons and Dragons as well?
  15. How very dare you! You know nothing about cinematography! Unlike other films (e.g. Braveheart), it was authentic in its locations. The Scottish bits were filmed in Scotland and the New York bits in New York. Sean Connery plays every nationality in a Scots accent be they Irish, Russian or Arab! Anyway the Character played by Lambert (who admittedly was a bad choice) was called Macleod. More screenings of said film required for you methinks!