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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by jimnicebutdim, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. There are dozens of websites, Facebook Groups, forums and other outlets for the general public to express their gratitude to members of the Armed Forces. However, i would like to start a thread thanking the public for their support to us. I know that the people that we are referring to will probably never read these posts, but it would be nice to know that somewhere there is a small piece of the internet devoted to these folks.

    So my starters:
    First of all I'd like to thank every civilian who attended todays services. Those who put up with the cold, wind and rain; even though they have no direct connections to HMF. They were solemn and respectful, and made me proud to be a British Serviceman. Thank You.

    Also, to the bus driver who this evening told me there would be no fare for my trip to the station as I was in uniform. Thank You

    To the little old lady who, even though she didn't know me from Adam, talked to me and wished me well on the bus trip. Then finished off by telling me that every man and woman in uniform is a hero. Thank You.

    This thread is for you.

    PS Can we keep all comments civil and polite. This doesn't need to turn into a civvy-bashing thread. Thanks.
  2. I'd like to thank the members of the public who support us, despite the pretty awful headlines about undermanning, bullying, shoddy equipment, lack of funds, dreadful accommodation, drunken fighting squaddies, fradulent Majors etc. They keep their faith in us, and my part of the bargain it that when the country is down on its heels (floods, fires, fuel strikes and foot and mouth), we'll be there to give them the support they need, without asking for thanks, money, adulation, and the only reward we'll really appreciate is 10 minutes under cover, a brew, and a rich tea biscuit or two!
  3. Seconded (but I'll only do it for hob-nobs, rich tea are for puffs)
  4. A worthy thread.
  5. I think these sites are great as it will show our servicemen & women that the public ARE, in the main, behind them.

    I may just be a lowly civvy, but anyone in uniform can have a biscuit out of me....

    Hell, you can have my last rolo!
  6. Nice thread Jim, I was thinking something similar at our town Remembrance Service. Hundreds of local civvies of all ages, paying their respects with dignity, and a better turnout than last year. Thank you the residents of Newcastle-under-Lyme.
  7. Thank you to the group of commuters at London Bridge tube that let myself and another soldier on first to the tube during rush hour.
  8. Beanz, thank you very much for the support.

    But, this thread is for us to thank you for that support. So

    thank you.
  9. At the risk of sounding pompous, if you can look any member of HM Forces in the eyes confident in the knowledge that you also are contributing to the nation’s life don’t ever consider yourself in that way let alone say it.
  10. I also want to add a quick thanks to those who have paid for poppies, H4H wristbands and even the X factor single.

    You may not know the significance of the donation, the intended recipiants of the cash, or the story behind it. Honestly, a lot of you may not even care. You may be wearing the wristband 'cos it looks cool. You may have bought the single 'cos you liked the song, or 'cos that spanish doris in it has got a great voice (and an even better rack).
    Frankly it doesn't matter. Whether you knew the background and supported us because you wanted to, or wheter your motives were purely selfish, you still put your hands in your pockets, and by doing so helped improve the lives of current and former service personnel across the country.

    For that act, Thank You
  11. I'd like to thank the bloke at the ticket window of Oxford train station when I came home from Iraq - my last ever tour as a squaddie. I'd just come from Brize and he was obviously adept at spotting soldiers. As he sold me a ticket he was kind enough to say 'well done' but I'm afraid that I had other things on my mind and fcuked off without a word. But I did appreciate it later when I discovered just how little most people cared, so: speccy bloke in the ticket office at Oxford - thank you.
  12. I'd like to thank the stewardess on the flight from Brize two years ago who got on the tannoy and wished us all well and to have a safe tour, come back safe etc.
  13. Seconded.

    Regardless of the inadequacies of government and politics, hundreds and thousands of us want to uphold our side of the military covenant although individually we can only do it with token gestures :)
  14. Seconded (and motion carried).

    Like Paxman pointed out elsewhere... you are the lions who go out there. Wish I could do more (looking at joining the RBL and finding local things to do for a start).

  15. I just want to say another thank you to every member of CIVPOP who wore their Poppy with pride and observed the silence today.

    Thank You