Message to the Taliban - Dont Mess with the Paras

True, no arguments with that.
Reminds me of a conversation we had at work the other week about Air Mob/Asslt and the broader aspects of trg within the Field Army. AH Regts are keen to work with other Regts/Bns but there is a stigma attached to their role, in that they are tied to 16* and its associated barbarian hordes. What is to say that any 'normal' Bn is unable to work in that role?.....This quite naturally led to a lengthy discussion which can't really be repeated here.
And what happens after 6 months, is the Air mob requirement going to go when 16* does?



It depends whether you are talking air mobile or air assault. As you state, anyone can hop on or off the SH when used as a taxi service. Air assault using Apache AH as an integral part of the air mobile battle is still in its infancy within the British army (will not even comment on how far behind the USA we are!). As such, makes sense to me to use the specialists (16 Air Asslt Bde) for this expeditionary op, as they are the most current and up to date. Come HOTO, things may have settled down, and/or more training time will have been available for the incoming BG. Besides, since when have we thought that far ahead!

RogueTrooper said:
Yeah ok fartsac granted (BTW who else is going?)...
.....just remember the last time the purple heads were in the Stan they shot up a wedding party (just like a bunch of raw recruit septics), anyone remember the day? U guessed it, anniversary of Bloody Sunday. :)

Are you making reference to the 82 Airborne contact? As no member of the 2nd battalion shot up a wedding party. However a watch tower manned by members of 2 para was shot at and round returned. Not the first time the locals used the cover of civ pop for their aims.

As was posted before, instead of the cheap trivial, My inf is just as good, para this, para that, why only the paras in the press, bla bla bla, :roll: FFS, why not just support the blokes at the sharp end and hope all get home safely. There is a war on Gents.
Yes you are right .. we all have a bit of banter ref the Paras . Thats all it is, i am glad there ours .
As for the next units going out there .Well the rumour mill has been busy at my mob , 4 months
on telic 8 then out to Afgan for a few months . The HELMOND area is bandit country ,so its gonna be
hard work out there
Theres a fairly good precedent for this. 2 Para were the lead element into Kabul early in '02: they were - IIRC - the SLE at the time but, more importantly, they provided the capability if required at the onset of the operation. A short while down the pike, the AB were replaced by 2 R Anglian and, from this soldiers perspective, the stance, projection and way of working changed. It was a good use of reward - you've been good guys, we've sent the heavy guys away (but they can return) and here are some slightly friendlier guys to keep you company. The change of stance - and the splendid way in which the Poachers carried out the task - was one of the key factors in keeping Kabul peaceful during the early phases of what was then Op FINGAL (..... and the reason they got the job was nothing to do with the fact that COMISAF was late R Anglian!)
I suspect that the pending operation will go much the same way: send in the light, high readiness elements first and then (to use a very passe cliche) select from whatever other golf clubs you have left in your bag later.
As to the posts previously, UK plc didn't shoot up a wedding party. The alleged incoming on the Para OP resulted in returned fire, taking out the majority of a occupants of a taxi which had broken the curfew to collect a very pregnant wife. There was an enquiry. Blood money was paid, so I have to surmise that we admitted a degree of liability.
I was in the RM /REST convoy that was ahead of the para convoy at Warrenpoint. We were tasked with searches at Warrenpoint docks, so we were extremely lucky that we were not the target.

After the first explosion, we along with the RM drove to the scene, it was not a case of congregating, but troops were dealing with casulaties, setting up cover all down the incident. Yes the chopper did come into the area of the gatehouse, but this was the only open site for landing if I recall correctly.

Yes PIRA had planned extremely well and the first explosion was close to the secondary but in the time frame / casulaties etc, no follow-up search of the area could take place, if it had we would have been tasked.

Good luck to 3 Para....
Yes, and baby was delivered safely by a scouse 2 para medic. :) Point to note, rounds were returned after contact. I remember when a similar happened before, luckily the patrol follow up was on the ball as both were on the ground and the local Police were caught out doing the quick change parade :wink:
Don't get me wrong,I'm in full agreement with you and I do wish them all the best - hell what sort of **** would I be if I didn't - yes OK I should have included that in my post, but I was following on from fartsac's post on that one.
No excuses tho, I stand by what I said.
Duke, you are right, but the conversation went along the lines of: 16* can't keep going on at this pace forever, and AAC AH Regts are keen to work with other yaunits to broaden the Air Asslt expertise X the army, but are hampered by the 16* 'Ethos' which basically says they can't.....



You may well have a valid point, but until we can get enough AH activity to enable everyone to have a fair amount of training benefit, I think it is reasonable to keep what training time there is for those units in the Air Assault Bde. When we reach the utopia of lots of AH time available, then the training should be broadened to include the wider army. A few specialists well trained, or the masses with a shallow insight?


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