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Polish hardware shop offers brothel visits to big-paying customers Tuesday September 13, 03:00 PM

WARSAW (AFP) - A Polish do-it-yourself and hardware shop has offered an hour in a brothel to customers who spend more than 10,000 zlotys (about 3,000 dollars, 2,500 euros) on construction material, the company said.

"It's a case, if you like, of different strokes for different folks, in terms of doing business," said Roman Myszko, boss of the Bepol shop in Elblag, in northern Poland.

"Nearby, there is a house of leisure, which is where the idea for this special offer came from," he told AFP.

The owner of the brothel "came to our shop to buy some paintbrushes and paint. I knew immediately what her line of business was, and I talked with her (about proposing the special offer) and she agreed," Myszko told the Zycie Warszawy daily.

Two Bepol customers have "earned themselves entry tickets" to the brothel, each valued at 100 zlotys.

"They haven't used them yet," Myszko told AFP by telephone.
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