Message Received from Nation States Founder

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by abacus, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. Hi D****,

    I'm the guy who wrote, which you and a bunch of your
    compatriots are apparently enjoying. In fact, you're enjoying it a
    little too much. Your group is consuming a disproportionate amount of
    the moderators' time, and I want to ask you to pull back.

    Some of your guys seem to think the game is meant to be them versus the
    moderators. This isn't the case. The moderators are just a handful of
    people who have been nice enough to volunteer their time to keep this
    site running; making them waste that time (e.g. by deliberately
    submitting lots of unacceptable UN proposals) just leaves them less time
    to deal with other problems, and hurts the site. Also, the griefer vs
    moderator "game" always goes one way: we just steadily escalate the
    response (from warnings to deletions to IP bans to, in appropriate
    cases, contacting ISPs) until they stop. We've done this dozens of times
    over the years, and it's never much fun for anyone in the end.

    You are of course welcome to play the game as an invader region, or
    however you like, so long as its within the rules. Please do so.


  2. Yeah, check this out, from 'The Kingdom of the New Castle':

    I feigned ignorance - not a hard thing to do! :D

    Abacus, I suggest a small period of quiet reflection to look into the rules. It seems a little pointless to fight these muppets as they effectively hold all the cards and can just ban/boot etc at will - and they will do it like the small teddy-throwing boys they are.

    Edited to add: I'd rather keep Arrseonia alive as there are nearly 100 ARRSE nations involved, some of whom only play their own nations - Arrseonia allows them to play without complete nutters turning up unannounced and messing them around.

    Edited yet again to add:
    Yep - we're guilty as charged m'lud! :D
  3. I wasn't aware we had broken any rules!

  4. I've spent a career beginning conversations with, "Well Sir, you see, it was like this....."

    They used to call me the Sqn Explaining Officer.
  5. Just so long as I'm not expected to go before anyone & explain anything: I blush & giggle when I lie - absolutely useless! :roll:
  6. From the "Invasions" thread on the NationStates forum!

    The geezer that originally created the "Ye old England" region has a right sad-on:

    Somehow I think quite a lot of sad people are pouting!

    Diddums! :twisted:
  7. I just telegramed 'The New Castle':

    We'll just overlook the fact that we're just as guilty on so many counts.... :D

    Can't wait for the response!
  8. You've stirred up a hornets nest here DD!!
  9. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    If you have some spare time - have a look here this is an FAQ on invasions. It makes clear what is and what is not allowed.

    For example if you p/w protect an invaded region and do NOT let the natives have the p/w that's against the rules.

    If you look at how DEN do their invading they get in, get UN delegatship, change the world factbook to trumpet their victory, and then go away again leaving the natives with a warning to elect their own delegate and protect their region. Usually the natives are actually quite relieved of the warning and some even find it amusing. DEN then post about their invasion on NS boards and on their own board.

    Maybe we should be looking at these lightning in and out raids rather than trying to stay?

  10. i disagree. this is a sad game which really when you stop to think about it is a bit sh1t. They need us to give them a hard time. it make's their dull lives more interesting. I say we grief everyboody untill they kick us out. If we get kicked out what have we lost?
  11. I found myself tending to agree with Lairdx earlier. We lose nothing if we get booted, and quite frankly some of the saddoes who really believe in it need a good shoeing. This is why I have absolutely no problems with ARRSErs doing what they like, as we'll always be able to keep Arseonia alive to cater for those who simply wish to grow their nation in peace.

  12. :lol:
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    And if you can read the NS forums for long enough without having to run outisde to VOMIT you'll see that there really are some saddoes playing - and I thought I was the serious one.....

    I'll be staying in CC for a bit to "grow my nation in peace" (sounds a bit rude actually - I would do a goggle-eyed smiley here but only the smileys I can remember the shorthand for work on my posts - like this one :( ) but I think I might create a puppet nation to go recceing and see what we can see.

  14. smileys no work noomooor. I will compose Lairdx's lament for his smileys.
  15. I with lairdx on this one, it is a sad little game really and the more trouble we can stir up the more interesting it will be. I certainly won't lose any sleep when the mods catch up with me.