Message on fridge!

Now be fair, you can't get pregnant from cum in the shower plug hole. Unless you're really determined...

It's natural. Treat it as a sign of affection.

You should worry more if you lived in a nunnery.
Growing up in a house full of older brothers it was drummed into me from an early age, NEVER get in the bath until the last person had cleaned it out with Vim, and NEVER pick the socks up off the bedroom floor!

Beebs :?
sigwife said:
that must have been some pretty thick spunk to have stayed visible in the plug hole
some look like Jelly fish when floating in the water :lol:
It may be a jellyfish, but it won't sting you love...............

If the blokes are military, does it mean the jellyfish is a Man o War?
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