Message from OC SOMME Coy, The London Regiment

Those who know OC Somme Company, The London Regiment, will doubtless know he is not a 'true believer in the Internet (he only got an email account just before being mobilised!)

He's just been back in the UK and asked that the following be posted on this site, for all those who have supported Somme Company over the last 13 months and who will no doubt continue to do so until, and after, they return.

The points below come direct from the 'Big Man':


a. I want to thank these callsigns for the really kind words about us especially over the death of Gdsmn Daryl Hickey, it really did hurt us.
- London Calling
- BayonetPincushion
- BravoBravo
- Rifle Green Sex Machine
- nitv9
- eSeL
- cunning Linguist
and finally Dr Evil
and anyone else I missed.
c. Please know that all their comments really cheered us up.
d. The boys are really into the thick of it and we get on Great with everyone....Real mutual respect with all arms. We get on Great with Regs, RAuxAF etc. there is a real comoraderie.
e. We will give a best as handover to the RIFLES to give them the best start. Good luck to them too. We have been sending stuff back to them to help them - we hope it helps.


To all in SOMME Coy, God Speed and Safe Travels.

(Tried to work out where to post this and, my apologies to non-Infantry serving with Somme Coy, but this seemed best forum.)
Yes, cheers OC Somme Coy. Well done to you lads!

Hope there was a ceremony for the attached Rangers this morning changing over to 2 R Irish??

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