Message for The_Tara

Well by the time you get here you will probably have posted in every forum on the board.

I'm sure it would have looked pretty having your name as the last poster in every topic but I have a mean streak so I'm off to start following you, well maybe just till I get my 4th star ;)
He's got more stars than one of those spotty kids at McDonalds.  He must have been promoted to Drive-thru attendant by now and gets to wear one one those gucci headset microphone gadgets.
Spot on though. I just thought that it was very quiet tonight and told a couple of people that I would have a bash at last post on all. Will stop now as soon as I wipe your name off a couple!! Good thing is we may well get a few people sparking in the next few days. Cheers Humphrey.
I replied to a couple and and ran out of inspiration :D

I was sort of hoping that whoever hed the bet with you would cut me in for scuppering your plans but now that I realise there wasn't any money in it I've lost my enthusiasm, Might as well save my energy for the bounty hunting weekends that are coming up ;)

good idea for sparking intrest though, even if its just people posting messages to remind you to keep taking the pills ;D

ta'ra Tara

ps. just noticed that with this post I get to carry the tripod, woohoo
Tripods are old hat..............unless you are TA I suppose.


War Hero
Just been out of the office for a day...

I wonder what happens after 5 stars?  Long Service and Quick Typing (LS&QT) medal?
Not going to hang around to find out I am off to bed in a mo as I need to rest before my leave starts AD today. Also although my intentions were honourable I can not take you all on when you are working shifts!! Also you may have lots of dosh and drink champers, but I have DSL and unlimited access to the net so I will be back
and with that (world, well board) domination, I will retire!!


How long to the big 500 Tara?? When you hit that you will probably be allowed to 'salt the fries' ......Reference to McDonalds again not some code for perverted practices.....Did you hear about the cook who was caught by the OO having an 'anti tank' into the Custard??? When he appeared on orders he asked for 75 similar offences to be taken into consideration.....he had just returned from a 3 month the Officer's Mess!! Mmm!! .....pussy.......see it's done it again!!!

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