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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, May 21, 2005.

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  1. Now the new bloke is in the chair (and RomeoRomeo is smoking himslef into a coma in civ street), lets use this thread as a hotline to impart wisdom to the new Herr Direktor. Apparently he checks it regularly and is a good bloke to boot....

    I'll kick off with NCO training (or lack of it)...why do we continue to promote weak, flaccid individuals who couldn't command their way out of a paper bag...
  2. Whether he is the new director or not he is still a trog :D
  3. The same can be said for the officer class.

  4. indeed
  5. Q.Why are the MPC/MPC(a) promotion courses treated as an attendance course? Why can they not be more selective in who passes and who fails? Maybe, if the said courses were a little more severe and selective the passing candidate might not be so quick to waste the pass and sign of.

    A. Statistics, bums in chairs, MOD being sued for career fouling when soldier(ahhhmm) was bonk anyway.

  6. Maybe the courses should be made more relevant. CLM was supposed to help in that manner but has just doubled the no.of weeks away from the unit. That may be acceptable in a well manned LSR, but not when you only have 50% of your Tp there anyway.

    Here a questionWhy does the RLC CLM 2 at WO take 3 weeks(ish) when other Corps (e.g. RE, AGC) do the CLM 1 WO (EFP 2) then have 3 DAYS at Corps? 8O Does it produce better WOs? I think we started there! :roll:

    My MPC(A) was a long time ago but was still bo""ocks. The majority of instructors were arrse - awaiting a posting - and the NAAFI was a den of untameable poor discipline that we were told not to address. The lesson content was written by Slim or someone of that age..... :cry:

    Let's not go there. After RR's final salvo at the Corps my trade can only hope better of the new bloke - Trogg or not :wink:
  7. Although he did dabble in the sloppo circles recently.
  8. but here we are simply discussing fine gradations of trog(g). Slopp jockey or blanket stacker, scammel op or what have you - its all RLC and it all honks
  9. If you don't like it you can always take your -'ve sarcasm elsewhere and Foxtrot Oscar - W*nk*r!!!
  10. How come (duty rumour) so many of our selected for promotion to Sgts were led back to camp on an evening, during their final MPCA Exercise on the last course?

    was it because they all had chits which prevented them from doing things?

    'LEAD BY EXAMPLE' - Not a good example.

    When students are RTU'd or dont 'achieve' (they dont fail), why do they blame others for their failings?

    Come on..........BITE!!!!
  11. the problem is the RLC centrs on a culture of being technicians first, leaders/soldiers second. when a modicum of leadership is required its in the form of management, not true grit leadership.

    when did you last hear of RLC YOs genuinely leading their troops.

    the fact is they don't, they are merely managers who "lead" from behind their desks, shamelessly plugging away at laptops doing CRs etc.

    When did you last see a Troopy on the veh park covees on, changing DROPS wheels with the lads or genuinely getting their hands dirty. Ask a warrior platoon comd or tank tp comd when they were last on the tank park, I expect the answer would be, this a.m.
  12. If the RLC leads in anything except Log, Tech, or soft skin vehicles then the teeth must be dead 8O A situation that would be truly scary.

    We should strive to be best at what we do and not try to "over-extend ourselves" :wink:

    Editted coz I don't lead in typing and wording!
  13. We use YOs for PDRs - those things take up so much time - i'm sure a prospective employer would fall over laughing if someone presented one of those as a means to an interview.
  14. Not in the gaurds or cavalry! (trust me on this)
  15. really, heard different from the Cav?