Spent a bit of time New Year's Day travelling to various regimental messes in the local NY Levee tradition.. Each of the Regiments has a drink/concoction that they 'present' as part of their morning mess ritual on these occasions..

I was wondering if any other units about the Commonwealth and other places have such painkillers for the morning after whoopdedoo?

One unit extolling its Scottish antecedents prepares Atholl Brose - yum.. oatmeal and scotch.

Second unit has -damn! - Bloody Ceasars

and the third has a -gawd I dunno what- liquid they have labelled Moose Milk which contains something white and something boozy which packs a kick fershur...

Any Unit/Regimental copyrighted/patent pending drinks peculiar to your dear old Royal 99th MacKamikazie Highlander Commando Recon Skirmishers?

could be a lucrative recipe book in the making here...
I'm another canuck, but we did the Moose Milk thing (Seaforths in Vancouver). I can't remember what the heck they put in it, but you're right about the wallop! In fact, I suspect that's why I can't remember what's in it.

Either that, or it's early onset Alzheimer's. Regardless, I'm now able to wrap my own Christmas presents, and still be surprised when I open them. :)

What was I saying?

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