Mess webley refurburbishment/ hire charges 2012

After exhaustive testing and millions spent on R&D the 2012 mess webley is now available.

To cover costs hire charges have had to be adjusted, do remember that a 2.5% discount is applicable to arrsers and close family.

Daily hire which includes one round £60 + £20 p+p

Two days hire ( for contemplation ) £120 + £20 p+p

Additional rounds for joint activity at £25 per round.

Please ensure that the webley is returned cleaned and lightly oiled, a note to this effect should be attached to your farewell.

Payment: No credit...all major cards accepted..also Paypal


does it come with pre paid return P&P?
OH YES!!! Please can we keep a pic handy on the sire for posting in response to people like Afghababble_Kaaant?

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