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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by CH512O, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know the score with deactivated weapons in the Mess.
    Staying in our "home" Mess at moment and was listening in on chat over T&T about the deactivated Argentine SLR that is on the wall. Apparently the rules are it may have to be more secure than over the bar, on the wall.
    My own thinking on this is, i know you can buy deactivatedf weapons on the net etc, but im guessing if its in a "public" place it may need a bit more security to it i.e. inside a glass display? Also im guessing also it would need a deactivation cert available on request and need to be on some MSA account, which im sure it is.
    Ref the cert, i would be surprised if it did have one still as it arrived not long after the Falklands War but im sure a friendly local armourer would be able to help??
    In my own Unit, we have deactivated AK's, RPD's etc in the Armoury for demo purposes but then in the Sqn conference room, on the wall, loose is a very nice Bosnian AK which is open to anyone taking what is the definitive score with these weapons in Barracks?
    Cheers in advance
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  2. Once deactivated they are no longer weapons and are subject to no regulation. There are no requirements for them to be held securely.

    I can't begin to see how a mess could be described as a public place.
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  3. You know as soon as i typed that i thought someone is going to come on here and say the above.
    I know its not in the general terms of things but then its not being displayed in a private home etc. It becomes public i suppose when the Mess holds functions such as wedding receptions and all and sundry get invited and who is to say your pissed up distant 18yrold nephew sneaks down to the bar and takes the SLR at 4 in the morning and drives off with it in his Nova (insert any other chavvy car!)!!
  4. they should be classified as "Weapons of Mess Destruction"
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  5. I have not seen a Vauxhall Nova for ten years plus.
  6. I give up!!
  7. It's not a public place if it's used for a private party. If I throw a party in my house it doesn't make it a public place.
  8. ok, so Mess, public, private etc etc out of the way, the story is there is no specific regs military or civil that relate to the showing of deact weapons in a Mess?
  9. Can't speak for army regs but there are no civil ones I am aware of and I have a reasonably comprehensive understanding of firearms law.
  10. Ok cheers. I suspected of much ref the civvy side of life. My own Mess is shared with RMP Unit and nothing has come up from those guys so im assuming as long as they are accounted for like any other Mess property then should be no dramas.
  11. Me neither. The army once gave me a Vauhall Chevette though.
  12. A mess has public rooms.

    Maybe there's a clue in there somewhere.
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  13. Everywhere I've been that have had de-acs on display the B/C/SQMS held a register of weapons with the original De-ac Certifiacte.
  14. There is no Crown protection so the Army will have to abide by current legislation.
  15. 14 Sigs got hammered on an ECI for this a few years back. The jobs worth REME twats whined about the deacts around the place. They were even less impressed with my Dshk...