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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Gracchus, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. I'm hoping someone lurking in here can point me in the direction of a supplier of feint ruled Warning In & Out books for Messes. The only supplier that I could find (TG Office Supplies) has ceased trading. I can go to a printer and get some made, but there must be a supplier somewhere.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks etc
  2. TG supplies are still in business, contact him on 01487 823535 or

    According to his price list from last year it would cost £31.95 excl VAT.

    I just ordered some items last month.
  3. Bugger, whilst i was digging out the contact details, dannyboy beat me to it!!

    What he said
  4. Unfortunately the proprietor of TG Office Supplies has died, and the phone message states that the business is being wound down, hence my quest for another supplier.

    So, back to the drawing board. Are there any other suppliers out there?
  5. In that case I am supporting this question for a new supplier.
  6. Do a "decent" job and use a Banner A4 ruled hard back book and draw column lines in it, that's if any one can be bothered, then let mess members write in it very scruffily in pen pencil or crayon so it looks shite.

    Not that anyone would really have such a book in their mess, would they? :wink:
  7. Don't forget the ruler.
  8. If you wait a while there are a couple of Messes closing in Osnabruck, maybe they have some Gis-Its??? Or at least willing to part with a spare book for a contribution to the farewell p-up (sorry top table dinner).
  9. Hello,
    I am the son of Tom Greenley of TG Printing and Office Supplies. It is correct that my father has unfortunately passed away and that the business as it stands is being run down.
    However, it may be that the business will continue in some form once things have settled down and been sorted out.
    In the mean time, I know there is some completed Mess Warning In & Out books on the shelf, which we are more than happy to sell on. But it would have to be done outside of the company, TG Printing and Office Supplies at the moment. In effect, a private sale.
    If this is of some interest, then please feel free to contact me at We could put them on ebay for example to make it a bit more 'proper'.
    Unfortunately, it may take a few months to sort out my Fathers affairs, but if I can help in the short term, then I will certainly try.
    Many Thanks...

    James R. Greenley
  10. Just get a spare diary from the guardroom.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So you've been to our mess then? We have one just as you describe and rather rubbish it looks too.
  12. We're posh at our place, we've got a spanking IMPEGA book with lines and everything.

    @ JRGreenley. Sorry for your loss mate.
  13. Not for long it wont, I got your emither and have purchased said books just to cheer you up.

    Anything else? Perhaps I can put you down to take over from me as PMC?
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    It would take a lot to cheer me up, however, a shiny new book in the foyer can only look good on you when the new badge starts. :) "Sir, Sir, I got a new book for you".....hehehehehe
  15. Since TG Office Supplies piled in, it seems that nobody ever used any other supplier of Warning In and Out, Visitors books etc. I have now found a potential new supplier in Farnborough.

    Before I get this chap overly excited about the level of demand, did anyone else locate alternative suppliers for these books?