Mess waistcoat - aaagh!

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Cuddles, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Last night, for the first time in about ten years, I donned my mess kit. Or rather I got into the jacket and overalls but for some reason, the waistcoat did not even come close to a fit. As I have not varied in suit/shirt size in that period I was nonplussed, especially as the trousers seemed fine.

    On closer inspection, the waistcoat in question appeared to be a 38" chest size. I believe that on that last occasion I wore it, when I shared a room with another officer of the Royal Regiment as drunk and in a rush as I were, he must have gone home with my fecking waistcoat!

    Now I cannot for the life of me even begin to think who said officer was but I remember him being of the smaller variety. So he has probably been worried that he has a wasting disease for the past decade!

    Hi-ho, it's dinner jacket for Cuddles then this weekend...Shame, I was quite excited when I managed to get into the overalls and sit down without a bursting sound, like an SF GPMG from behind!
  2. Nah - silk insert strips either side - saved my bacon and took the tailoress about 2 days.
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    Or thick black elastic and a heavy duty staplegun in lieu of the centre seam pending a visit to the tailor!
  4. Or adopt the navy solution of no back at all, just a strip of elastic - much cooler and no problems with an expanding waistline!
  5. I have been considering taking the pinking shears to it! It would indeed be a shame to pass the opportunity to pop on full fig of a Gunner for a dinner chez RSA, after having pranced around all day dressed as a R SIGNALS officer!
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    Do it, after all you will not be removing your jacket at any stage!
  7. Is that not a little schizophrenic?
  8. I don't think he's a schizo and you'll note from the rest of this thread he's certainly not claiming to be little!!!
  9. Nope, a six foot-five inches, 16 stone 10 lbs figure is not little!
  10. I was refering to you being a R SIGNALS officer by day and a Gunner by night!

    Is this not rather Jekyl and Hyde (although which would be the Gunner remains to be seen!)?
  11. I never bothered with replacing my RA mess-kit with that of my adopted Corps. I didn't exactly want to be a R SIGNALS officer but the cuts in manpower in the TA left a lot of Gunners scrabbling for berths and I got lucky. I have now moved into the ERE world but remain badged R SIGNALS for the present. WTS!

    (Note: People always knew I wasn't a real R SIGNALS officer - my VP was too good!)