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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by falcons1988, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. As you know if you use the Hexi Bonfires, they leave a huge big, black filthy burn. Here is a new trick for you (unless you already know it).
    That is before you put on the fire, coat the whole of the outside in Fairy Liquid, you only need a small amount. Then do what you have to do regards cooking. All you need to do is get a WetWipe or something and just wipe it off. Thats it it takes about 10seconds. Opposed to absolute ages without the fairy liquid.

    It has to be fairy or something of similar quality.

    Try it.
  2. A used tea bag does exactly the same, I was told it was the tanic acid, anyway it works.
  3. KG1 carbon cleaner
  4. Spare mess tin, more like.
  5. Dont forget to carry a pair of marigolds.

    Alternately just wipe the bottom on the grass or as Sandbag says recycle the tea bag as a cleaner.
  6. Rubbing ordinary soap on the outside of the mess tin before use is an old Boy Scouts trick, but avoid putting it within 1" of the rim unless you like soap-flavoured tea - washing up liquids have an added laxative effect! A wipe on damp grass completes the cleaning.

    When the mess tin is still warm, you can rub off the hexi residue with a still-warm teabag (even if you didn't use the soap technique).

    Scotchbrite is also effective (surprisingly!), but avoid using it on the inside of the mess tin unless you've got detergent and a good supply of water to rinse off the aluminium particles.

    I once had a set of stainless steel mess tins. They cleaned with a wipe but were a bit heavy.

    Another technique is to use the Buddy-buddy system to best effect. Use your mate's mess tins.
  7. Teabags aren't in ration packs anymore, can I use an instant tea sachet to the same effect ?
  8. Actually, yes. In fact, any paper product wetted will provide the mild abrasive needed. But teabags retain water and heat better.

    You can also use crumpled foil as an impromptu Brillo pad.
  9. Rub with grass always works noo need to carry anything in pack that may leak, except in sandy lands.
  10. The solution is "Combat Cress." Works very similarly to grass, but can be packed in your daysack:

  11. p1ss on it and rub it on the grass, ammonia in the p1ss gets rid of the shoit no problem, then just rinse it off :)
  12. Tinfoil - stick it over the hexi cooker and voila all the shits on the tinfoil which gets disposed of afterwards. Either that or just cook on gas.
  13. Cleaning mess tins?

    You blokes are going well soft.
  14. The mk 1 mate's mess tin. Still the most effective way in my opinion.
  15. gas, you cheap Pikeys.

    then again, gas you, Pikeys.