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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wild_Weasel, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Are the rectangular mess tins still an issue item? What sort of cutlery (KFS) is/was issued with them?
  2. This is stretching the PERSEC and OPSEC issues a bit too far! :lol:
  3. If memory serves, the rectangular mess tins ceased to be issued (loan issue) when the new mugs came out a couple of years ago. They were all backloaded as (L) starred items.

    The KFS were issued on individual issue at the depot when a soldier first joined up, so some people still have them on tick (even though they are Consumable items)

    Please feel free to comment/correct - it's been some time & the alzheimers is kicking in.
  4. Some TA personell are still issued mess tins (and advised not to use them due to health and saftey issues). Not sure why, maybe a shortage in tin mugs.
  5. Mess tins still on issue in 36
  6. Oh yes, and the black plastic mugs.
  7. Still on issue to Cadets. Even those little feckers seem unable to break them.

    On a recent weekend away a Cadet told me "Don't put your black mug on your stove like that Maam, it will melt" to which I replied "Dont worry young man, its metal" said Cadet looks at own mug clutched in his little hand and says "Cor they look just like plastic....." I let him walk away without telling him. Hope he tries it.
  8. we stil got mess tinns still on issue. always a bull shit item for when cadres are on. if the powers that be had there wya, we would still be wearing puttes and ammo boots
  9. Whats this mug everyones talking about? I've only got mess tins and no-ones ever told me not to use them for health and safety reasons, have I missed something? :cry:
  10. How can they recall mess tins, what on earth would you use to shave in? I didn't realise that we'd become so un-civilised................
  11. The danger from aluminium cooking vessels was grossly overstated, it would seem. But it took me in and I carried a stainless billy can around on exercise for years.
  12. Are those Lids still around the ones that fitted over the larger of the mess tins ?, and are /were just right for frying bacon roll
  13. The lids were a "must have" speeds up the boiling time massively and you can leave them on with the water inside to keep it warm at last light so your mucker can have hot scoff and a brew as he comes off stag.

    Or you can jack on him...............
  14. kin ell
    the one I had was the same as the mess tin only shallower and had a fold away handle, Ah well shant order one not long enough left to justify the expense