Mess Summer Ball Functions

Discussion in 'REME' started by pregoevents, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Prego Events - Now the leading supplier of Decoration to the UK Force and BFG working with over 50 Messes to create unbelievable transformations. We understand it's your mess/marquee/gym or Warehouse and you want to make it look different that is why the ARM Royal asked us to do thier Decommissioning.

    We turn this into this!!!!!!!

    Call Jamie on 07971 521049 for ideas and help on decorating your mess function. We work with budget from £1,000 upwards

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  2. Into what ?
  3. Into a place where SNCo's walk in with Fancy Dress, eat and sit staring at their wives for the rest of the night. Then stael the centre piece off the table and go home arguing
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  4. Corrected that for you. No charge.
  5. and in JNCO's messes D_N
  6. No cam net?
  7. I must admit to being a bit underwhelmed, all they've done is move a motor and turn on the lights. I do that nearly every day........
  8. Jamie we are having a Re Union Dinner this Autumn and the theme will be Bukkake. Could you give us a price to dress up the old drawing office at Harland & Wolff in Belfast and also supply Japanese girls. We have a budget of £750.
  9. What services do yer want from the Japanese girls. I can fix up more chinese and dress them up for yer if yer like;
  10. And no mention of six foot tables?
  11. Cam nets are ok as long as they are the white snowy ones, they don't catch fire on account of being very very cold.