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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by emptyeye, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Fellas (and ladies)

    I have asked this before and never got a real answer, what happened too all the mess silver from the Sgts' messes that have closed down etc.

    Im not talking about that silver that went back to RHQ's and central messes, Im talking about the rest of it? Who has it?

    Is someone looking after it? is it sold off? is it sat on a shelf in Bicester gathering dust? Worst thought is, its been melted down, god forbid!!!

    There has got to be a man who knows a man who knows a man, and, if its sat in boxes in Whitehall, should it not be in one central museum some place?

    Many pieces have got lots of history...thoughts?
  2. I am under the impression that when a mess closes down, there is an appeal.

    Anything that has been donated can be reclaimed by the donator. Regimental type silver goes back to the Central Mess/RHQ.

    Everything else that is not claimed or already owned by the RHQ is normally stored. On the reopening of the mess, the mess silver and stored silver can be brought out.

    Or sometimes in the event of a new mess opening the stored silver is used to start it up.

    Likewise, on occaision, you will find paintings or silverware appearing in RHQ, museums or at other units.
  3. Some of it does get passed around other messes.

    As a very young recruit we used to compete for the triangular trophy (R.signals boys v Reme Boys V ? Cant remember).

    The trophy was a nice triangular bit of silver (imagine a thick toblerone stood on it side) I remember having it in my hand once when we won it back in the dawn of time (1977?)

    Anyhoo fast forward 20 odd years to a mess dinner in Germany, right in front of me on the table is the said silver toblerone with the plate still on it.

    Not the only time I have heard of this happening either.
  4. Not sure about the true Regimental messes but I do know that in certain support arms the supervising officer can and has proffed some for re-distribution. Whatever that is.
  5. Steven, last time I saw that trophy was in the 3 (Harrogate) Sqn lines at Blandford (11 Signal Regiment).

    Also in the SHQ were the Harrogate Drums, several Sqn pennents and numourous photos of the College intakes gone by.

    There were one or two more trophies around but I don't know what they were.

    There was a one in the OCs office with drumsticks and a little bugle on it.

    Shame they couldn't be sent back up to the new Harrogate and used.
  6. The drums are still there (at least they were last time I was in 3 Sqn a few months back). They're stacked outside OC 3 Sqn's office.

    Don't remember seeing any large toblerone shaped pieces of silver though.
  7. The other lot was the RE Apprentice College at Chepstow. I was at Arborfield in the early 70's.

  8. Never understood why it was called the triangle games, when it was between the RSigs, REME, RE and the ACC (when I went through). I am sure there was a RAMC capbadge on the trophy too.

    Wasn't it a wooden varnished pyramid with silver plates attached to it?
  9. I have heard this before but, if its stored, where is it? The unit has now gone, so someone somewhere has it in boxes, but I would like to know where those boxes are?

    I have been in some messes where some of the silver has some history on it, but those messes are now gone and no new mess opened up in its place, not just silver but all those oddities (sp) that we have all seen in messes over the years, those sliver covered guidons, the tigers skin with silver teeth going back to the old colonial days, that sort of thing, the value of such pieces that just cant have a price on them...

    I know that the supervising officer is obliged to contact donators, but if a bit of silver was donated in the 1800's, how far do you go back?

    Im thinking that there is a room someplace with all this silver sitting in it, not forgettting some officers mess silver, and in some cases, the old Corporals Mess's, think of the size of the army in the 60's and 70s' and you get an idea of how many messes they had, and how much kit we are talking about.

    Does anyone actually know? or has seen or has been involved with storing this kit?
  10. With the treasurey gold at bargain basement prices!!!! :p
  11. Another mystery it seems, nobody knows where it all is!!
  12. Have a look in d1 and d2 in the scabby bit of the mess accommodation at Blandford
  13. Have you checked Ebay lately? :D :D
  14. Its in Arthur Daleys lock up!