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Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Gents/Ladies

    Does anyone know of a standard set of rules for the rules of a screws mess?
    I am aware every mess will have different rules, just looking if there is a general set of guide lines/JSP

    Anyhelp would be much appreciated
  2. If you use Dii to find the REME Bn sites you will find Sgts Mess rules and I think at least one had Cpls Mess rules.

    Failing that trawl other unit sites on Dii and you will find them I'm sure.
  3. If on DII you have MOSS try using the search function?
    It may come up with what you want?
  4. Is it still the case that they are officially unofficial, as it were? The tankies didn't have one (usual SQN bars) but the planks and 12 Armd did.
  5. Oh yes the tankies did ;) We just never used it much as the naafi was more fun, paddy k used to threaten us regularly at mess meetings about it. We did have one mess do as well that I can remember.
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  6. I do know that gettinG a BJ off a guest is frowned upon, heck it wasn't my mess
  7. Exmunkey - that wasn't Gutersloh, you're talking about, by any chance?
  8. Apologies, habit of picking threads off the top 50 and not realising where it originated. Cavalry mess
  9. During my days at 4 Armd Wksps in Detmold we had a really good Cpls Mess, some epic sessions were held in that Cellar I can tell you.

    My farewell drinks where every non "A" mech left the bar a minimum of once through the window, also the birth of a 5th child of a former pentathlete who went R.D. Thank feck I got away with that one, Canteen Cpl went to close the NAAFI bar to find blood & broken glass everywhere, locked up & staggered to the guardroom with the keys nothing reported - phew. Eventually staggered back up to the Hack as the sun was coming up, deathly silence in the quarter until I told Mrs Nobby that Pat had had a boy.

    Kind of days that will never be repeated!!

  10. I have a KRH Corporals Mess rules book that is a fair few pages long. PM me your address Ill pop it into mail to you.
  11. 12 Armed/1 Bn Reme Screws mess was great in Traz, having a decent adult Presiding over the mess did help though.
  12. I think it was Sid when I was there, or did you mean the Razzman? Then again, having completely forgotten the 3RTR mess it seems my memory is a bit fucked these days.
  14. KRH have a rule book? When I ran the 11 H Mess I made the rules. Come to think of it I ran the RH mess for a bit, same rules. Still drinking out of the pewter mug I was presented with.
  15. Rule 1. You do not talk about Cpl's Mess.

    If it's your first night, you buy 'em.

    I think, I might have got them from somewhere else.