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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by smokebreak, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I just know I am going to get slated and nothing but sarcastic replies but here goes.

    Just had the honour of getting my 3rd tape and over the moon. my concerns are life in the mess,dress rules and the likes, I will be living in during the week as my family home is too far away to do the driving in every day lark.
  2. you can get a set of mess rules from the mess manager, in fact there should be a copy in your room in the mess.
  3. Speak to the PMC or for chapter and verse, the RSM.

    If you don't posses the minerals for the above then read a copy of mess rules and speak to the other livers in.

    Fecking simple 'ain't it!

    Did you earn your 3rd tape through initiative or did you find it in a packet of Haribo star mix?
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  4. didnt take long did it, should of mentioned its on posting.

    didnt find it in haribo star mix but got it from sending away all my action man stars, maybe your old enough to remember that, but from the quality of your reply I guess not.
  5. Get your heels together you wretched sprog.
  6. sprog ?

    Not been called that in over a decade, dont know why I bother sometimes. really dont.

    Thanks for the help so far, gathered a copy would be in the mess/your room, but was hoping for a general heads up, that was all.
  7. Sprog my arse !! Well done congratulations on getting thus far is more like it.
    Mess rules differ in each regt/corps ,so find a mucker quick and get some ale down him/her and follow along. Rule number one of 2.5 million, what happens in the mess, stays in the mess ! Enjoy, oh happy days :D :D
  8. Thanks,

    thinking quickest way to get heads up is speak to my boss monday.

    slight typo for me as well, think it is the hangover still banging around in my head.

    I did say I have not been called a sprog in over a decade actually meant 2 decades.

    Yes I am a slow in getting promoted but I blame the drink, looking forward to blaming it some more at hopefully greatly reduced prices in a few weeks time.
  9. It is customary for newly promoted Sgt's to get a round in at the mess... oh yes and the dress for this traditional event is to go commando.. we've all had to do it... ask anyone...

  10. Not born yesterday, will be ringing the bell and getting the drinks in
  11. Naked I hope?
  12. I know it was a long time ago but when I put my third up the RSM invited me into his office , shut the door and explained the rules and then was available for any guidance I needed , guess a lot depends on how good the badge is
  13. well guess I will find out soon enough.
  14. I ended up with a 16 bottles of port fine once.... f_cking good reggy dinner that one was..
  15. Your SSM, CSM should hold a copy in his office, he should also take you into the Mess for the first time (tea & toast) and show you the ropes.

    Congrats mate, great mile stone in your career!