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I am looking for the AGAI/JSP that details the duties & procedures for those granted the gift of being property member. Does anyone know where I can find the info, as the property book is currently in a state & I want to square it away.

I'm especially looking for the details of how to adjust the value of property that the mess holds.


Been out a bit now but it used to be the Regtl Accountants baby to sort it out with the Property Member.
Speak to your Regt accountant, he/she should be able to advise you on accountancy procedures.


Found this by googling, bit basic but hey ho:

Duties of the Mess Property Manager
1. He/she will be responsible for all property owned by the Mess.
2. He/she will keep a catalogue of property owned by the Mess.
3. He/she will report to the PMC whenever any property has become unserviceable, requires repair or is lost.
4. The members will decide at a Mess meeting what action is to be taken in each case.
You need Service Funds Regulations. Whilst the Regt Acct/RAO probably has a copy, it is the property Member's job to sort out valuation etc. Make sure you have an up to date copy of Regs as Property is now classified into some new headings (Heritage being one). Much of the property is probably valued for insurance but I believe it is only Capital Property which has a value in the accounts and as such is subject to depreciation. Hope this helps.
I've been out nearly 3 years now, ORs used to be the Bible and Mess Rules.
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