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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by LongJohnSilver, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Hello all, I have a question, upon arrival at a New Mess you receive your first Mess Bill, sweet lord you scream, how much??? :? , oh thats your presentation for when you leave the mess, oh great, do I get to choose the presentation, oh no it's a statuette given to all Mess Members on departure. My wife has started a cabinet in our house affectionatly known as the cabinet of yuck, which has know spilled over onto the table of tack. Now, I am not against Regimental tradition, however, I do sometimes get pi**ed off with having to fork out 200 euros for yet another picture of Rourks Drift or the Battle of Waterloo every time I move. Your thoughts please.
  2. Same as Regimental Dinner Photos. I stopped buying them years ago. Same every year, the f*ckers you didn't like last year are still there in this years photo. I just don't want to be reminded of people who made my working day a f*cking misery, sat there on the front row with their smug self important exressions and their big gay moustaches. I don't know how many I have from the early days, but they've never graced any walls in my gaff. Bloody rip off as well. The standard of some of these 'professional photographers' is atrocious.

    Now pewter tankards.........there's an 'original' presentation.
  3. Ohhh, can I have mine engraved, just had a look in the shed after reading your post, 7 framed photo's from events that I would rather not remember or cant, god knows how much I paid for them.....MUG.
  4. And another thing!!!!(hic)

    Why am I paying for presentations for people I don't even know???

    Before people say 'Know your mess members', I'm on about the guys who live out and NEVER go into the mess.
  5. In that case Biccies, your downstairs loo isn't properly decorated!
  6. No Please....I would not want to look at them whilst partaking of my morning constitutional :puker: , put me right off my breakfast.
  7. Now this is an interesting one!

    The first Mess I belonged to everyone paid £11 a month for the first five months of membership, and when they left received a bronze presentation piece worth £55. Fair enough I thought.

    The next Mess I belonged to everyone paid £3 per month, and was allowed to buy a military gift for themselves (usually from the PRI) to the total value of their contributions when they left. Once again - all sounded reasonable to me.

    The next Mess I joined anyone leaving was presented with two bronze statuettes, the cost of which was split between all the other members. It was felt that paying for your own presentation when leaving a mess was absolutely wrong, and totally insincere. A view which I concur with - though you can potentially end up paying for presentations for people you can't stand, and if you are in one Mess for a long time stand to fork out far more than you will ever reveive back.

    There are no hard and fast rules on presentations that I am aware of - it is left to Mess members to decide which system suits them best. I do have to say though, that being forced to pay for your own 'memento' from a mess I believe is morally wrong.

    Anyone got the DS solution out there ........?
  8. Oh yes it is. Having a good dump is one of life's pleasures and I'm not having those c*nts ruin that for me as well.
  9. I don't know how many Messes I've been in where I've paid more in that I've got out. Used to gall me as well when the Mess would 'vote' to spend a small fortune on some CO's going away present. As a unit we had a seperate 'contribution' to make. We bought one f*cker (who no one bloody liked) two miniature f*cking cannons for the side of his swimming pool. He had moved on to another job.....downstairs.

    He got another pressie when he eventually left the Army a couple of years later. When I left the unit, like every other person, I got f*ck all. I didn't even get a 'thanks now f*ck off interview'.

    And we dined the c*nt out twice as well.

    I hope he had a f*cking ND as he went off the diving board.
  10. You always have the option to propose something different.
  11. If the rest of the Mess agree, I think it's a good idea in principle, however, each Mess Member should be able to pick something that they want, not something that will spend the rest of it's life in the attic, seems a waste to me.