Mess parties,weddings and birthdays - discount ice sculpture

Discounted ice sculptures and ice luges for all British Army personnel. Minimum of 20% off on most designs and more if possible.

Ice Agency

We undertake a lot of work for the armed forces carving anything from Chinooks to Apache Longbow, SA80's to Challenger tanks. Regiments that have taken advantage of discounts include 5 Scots, RRF, Mercian Reg, Light Dragoons, JSFAW, RAF Lyneham and 16 Air Assault Brig to name but a few.

So if there is a mess party coming up, a welcome home party or someones birthday or wedding - an ice luge is ideal.
Well, that's certainly interesting! I'd be interested in a Chinook three times the natural size. What would that set me back?

that would set you back bundles. more often i do the chinook 1m long and 50cm high or 2m x 1m.


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