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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by gaz-hell, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. can anyone tell me what exactly the legal requirement is to be a member of the Sgt mess. I have to pay excessive mess bills to a facility I never use. This I think is grossly unfare as i would rather spend the money on my family and i never actually signed anything to say i wish to join and pay money into this facility. Yes i know all the old sweats will go on about pride to be a mess member , great functions etc but thats alright for you but its not my bag. I know in Queens regs it states every senoir must be a mess member but surely they cant force you to pay for something you dont wish to be a part of , is there any way out ??????????( and no i dont wish to demote myself or leave the Army )
  2. You can opt out of being a mess member but I would assume that you would be on duty for every function, promotion drinks, etc etc. QRs 1975 has the answer
  3. IIRC,
    You have to be a member of a Mess but not necessarily your unit's Mess. Once you are the Member of a Mess you have to apply to the presiding member to leave (taken as granted on posting).

    If you have a Corps Mess you will find that you can usually become a member of that for a few quid a month.
  4. You are a member of the most exclusive club in the country and you don't want to be there? Strange.

    I know Mess life can be difficult (and Litotes snr found it so tricky that he was chucked out three times...) but there is only one option if you don't like it, and that is to revert to Corporal. I have seen it done only a couple of times in my career. Most people who found they didn't like it, did what my father did, and were bust after punching someone in the Mess bar! At least, that is what he claims!

    The alternative is to volunteer for the Committee and ensure that mess bills are reduced for everyone.