Mess Levy Nights

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by shinyrse, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. Whats the score with mess levy nights these days?

    I remember them (well mostly i remember the first few hours only) occuring as frequently as the RSM felt lonely and needed some rent-a-crowd company. The last one i went to was four years ago and the drinks consumed were levied across the entire mess membership (which was nice). Now i am told that levy nights have been banned - even when the bill is levied across only those attending.

    This can't be right!? Mess functions are ok - they serve their purpose i suppose, just like months of pre-tour training - BUT Levy nights are when you earn your spurs! Thats when it becomes a real (dis)function!

    Tell me that Mess Levy nights are not a thing of the past - please!
  2. Depends on what mess you're in. Some still have them but only bill those attending. For my 2p I don't like them, levy charges are high and people buying quadruple baileys etc waste a lot of booze.
  3. yeah and has been known that the odd bottle of stuff goes out the back door at the expense of all attending
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    your joking, when I was a young gunner I never ever ever ever did that, honest
  5. The waiters etc are not the ones people are concerned about - they have to put up with plenty of shite so can carry off plenty of booze as far as Im concerned. The people who annoy a lot are the tightwad ******* and more often their mouthy fat wives (stereotype I know but it seems to be the case!), who decide to turn up to a do for the minimum time possible, then leave, stealing every bottle of booze they can find for use back at home.
  6. Mess levy nights are not illegal they are just frowned on

    They still happen, or you get the other version - free drinks for all on mess guests

    which is effectively a levy as its paid from GPF

    the real pain for me is seeing lads you didnt even know existed coming out of the woodwork

    (usualy from the Workshop chippy REME types)
  7. Wittmann, don't know what your Mess is like, but i've been in a few WO's & Sgt's Messes over the years with very different Regiments and the major thing that sticks out is that many attached arms (REME, RLC, etc) participate fully in Mess life.

    I was at a function last Saturday and over half of those attending were attached!
  8. Bah Humbug - what a whining whingeing lot !

    a. The levy night is a totally accepted event and excellent mid month as the cash is running out.

    b. who cares if a bottle goes walk about we have all done it.

    c. Never been to a better do in my 20+ years than that of a levy race night !

    The problem is that there are currently SNCO's who think the Sgt's Mess should be a voluntary organisation (See SOLDIER MAG THIS MONTH) so after they have drunk two babyshams and eaten a full bag of wine gums they sit in the corner mumbling and whining that its boring. Then a £10 or £15 bill comes in and they say I only had 2 drinks well the drinks were there you should have drunk more.

    Back Bone of the Sgt's Mess is crumbling and if we dont support it, it will die !

    OUCH !!!!!!! Just fell off my soapbox !
  9. i agree here, attached mess members are usually always at functions and support mess life fully. esp REME as they are pretty up for an ale usually! :wink:
  10. Attached personnel pay the same mess bills as any one else so why begrudge them a levy night? As a REME tradesman I make a point of being last man standing!! Well I try to any way lol

  11. Cheers Dave, you just said what I've thought all along. In our mess it's ALWAYS the Chefs and the REME at the end of the night, mind you that's probably not surprising when you're attached to monkeys
  12. As a SNCO I was always an attached member and supported the Mess to the best of my ability. Levy Nights were normally used after Inter Regimental Sports Events - such as Boxing Nights and the SNCO's from the visiting Regiment were entitled to booze as long as the Bar was open. Thankfully they generally had to leave for their return journeys before too much damage was done. I supported Levy Nights then and would hate to see the tradition die out.