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bit of a random one for you. This might not be the right place but I figure that there will be lots of AGC types in here and it's probably a Regtl Acct I need for this query.

In brief, I left my last place several months ago with promises that my leaving presentation (which I paid £100 for - ten x £10 in my first ten mess bills) would be hot on my heels. After three months I chased it up with the presentations member who promised it would be sorted. A couple of months later I call back to find that he had left the Army and clearly just chinned it off.

So, I'm now six months down the line. I emailed the mess manager and asked him to forward my request to whoever appropriate. A months later (seriously, how ******* long does it take to reply to an email) I get an email from the new presentations member telling me that there's no record of me having paid for the presentation and there is a new mess accountant. He goes on cheerfully that it must be lost in the system (the 'system' whatever it is has a lot to answer to...) and I will have to prove that I paid or the PMC will not sign off the cost of the presentation.

I had a look but of course I haven't got mess bills from two years ago. So, where do I stand? Surely mess bills must be retained for a certain length of time, irrespective of there being a new accountant? A mess is, after all, a private club and surely there are rules/legislation about retaining records?

In all honestly, I'm not that fussed about the presentation - it's more a matter of principle that a) someone blatantly chinned their job off and b) anger at how willing the mess management is to effectively steal £100 off me.

Sorry for the long post but I don't get on here often so thought it'd be best to put down all the info in one go.

Write to the presiding member of the Mess, explain the full situation, be polite almost grovelling - saying something like it's not the money, but a matter of principle and integrity and that even though you've been let down by others you are sure the current mess committee can be counted on to do the right thing.

The accounts should show if they are £100 up. If the gift has already been purchased it will be detailed somewhere.

It should be sufficient to show that you were a member of the mess between date x and date y and that members of the mess contributed to presentations in the manner you have stated - this should be detailed in the mess accounts.

If you get no joy with the presiding member, write to the CO.

Alternatively if you don't want all that hassle just take the loss of £100 on the chin.
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Don`t mess around, lodge a claim with the small claims court naming the current RSM as the other party.

You paid for an item that you have not received


Ignore Archibald's post, do as dingerr suggests. Your Mess bills would have detailed the costs that made up the total for each bill and the Mess Accountant should still have access to a breakdown of those costs in their records.



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Do you honestly have to pay for your own leaving present?

That is chadness of the highest order.
Do you honestly have to pay for your own leaving present?

That is chadness of the highest order.
Depends on tube mess. I've had the luxury of contributing to others leaving presentations. I never minded at the time because I considered my time would eventually come. No chance in my current situation.
Go down there and smash a window for every minute they take to get your leaving presentation - which inevitably will be an over priced embroidery piece that will never see the light of day stuck in your loft.

Accounts have to be kept for 5 years. Even though you do not have your mess bills, they must have accounts showning what you were charged for each month and what you paid.

You can then prove that you paid the money. If they can't prove that they gave you your presentation or the money that's their problem.
Lazy - do what Dingerr suggested. The mess accountant will no doubt work for Aramark/ESS/Sodexho, they will not keep the records for that far back on site and their accounts office are not interested. The way contracterised mess accounts work. As far as the contractor is concerned the Mess has had that income already so they will be NFI.

The Regtl Acct may (if not sent to archive) copies of the monthly mess accts going back to that time. Write to the current RSM explaining as Dingerr said and ask ifthe Regt Acct (not the mess acct) coud look back to check, provide dates if possible. Unfortunately an all too frequent occurrence for which i thought i had escaped for my final tour, fcuking civil servants, always breaking!!!
It speaks volumes as to the management of a Unit/Corps/Regiment/MOD that can allow this to happen to a SNCO on completion of engagement. Regrettably the OP isn't alone...
We have had a case where the JNCO mess presentation member was chinning off presentations. Guys were leaving having paid into the mess for a leaving gift, leaving without the gift and nothing being done. Needless to say, this was deemed as an issue and an investigation is now under way. Not entirely fully up on what the offences are, but its not looking good for certain individuals.

I think you should write to the mess and your CO. There is a point of principal here. And integrity is high up there as well. If its happened to has no doubt happend to others, and will continue if not nipped in the bud so to speak.

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