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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by bullshit, Jul 21, 2002.

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  1. bullshit

    bullshit War Hero

    Any body know of the number in Worthless Down so that I can try to sell my "ever so comfortable" mess kit?

  2. AbleAndy

    AbleAndy Swinger

    You can sell it through Tony in the QM's Department, he is the clothing storeman.  As for the number ring Military Enquiries on 192.

  3. Bencher

    Bencher Old-Salt

    how much is he selling them for??
  4. Don't forget that you have to give a quarter of the sale value to the AGC Association.  I sold mine for 175 quid, didn't take long either.
  5. How do you get vomit out of taffetta?  Not my vomit,  I hasten to add...  

    Or can someone sell me a size 10 one by Thursday??????
  6. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    I don't reckon you could lose that much weight by then.....chubby.
  7. Baddass

    Baddass LE're not speaking to me now are you?
  8. Chubby? You have set me back ten steps now.

    Of course I will still talk to you.

    When I'm not feeding my face of course........

    (Nearly missed this one!)
  9. Baddass

    Baddass LE

    Tee Hee!