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Hello all.

I'm off to Sandhurst in May, and i'm hoping to wangle tickets to the HAC summer ball in early June.

Ideally i'd like to get measured for my mess kit early doors so that it'll be ready for the ball.

Problem is...

a) I don't want to spend a fortune, would prefer new but not essential.
b) I want to hedge my bets, so if I fail RMAS (God forbid!) I'm not stuck with an officer's mess dress.

The only answer to b) I can think of is to get measured by a tailor, then ask them very nicely if they will hold off actually making it/the alterations until I call them and tell them I've passed.

Can anyone help with a) and subsequently b)

Cheers ducks.
Why don't you call the tailor first and ask how long it would take to make the mess dress? You could give approximate measurements to get an idea.

Then, if the time between finding out you have got into Sandhurst and the ball is long enough you avoid the need to get measured up for something you might not need!

Sounds a reasonable response... Any ideas anyone on a good tailor?
Why not just go in proper black tie? All the other poseurs will be in their ill-fitting buckshee mess dress and you'll look like James Bond = chicks.

Also, you'll come across as the sort of smooth barsteward who doesn't give a toss about uniform fetishes = cooler than the other fledgling ruperts.

Follow old Veg's advice and it'll be chicktastic. Honest.

Failing that, go to a theatrical costumier and get one of those excellent Sir Sidney Rough-Diamond numbers with the plumed solar topee and explain that you are from some extremely obscure county yeomanry. Or alternatively get a Russell Crowe "Gladiator" costume and say your from that rock hard new sneaky-beaky outfit they're setting up.

And remember, all this Top Advice is free.

If you aren't commissioned yet, wear blues...if commissioned then wear mess-kit, because you will assuredly need it in your hopefully long and successful career.

Of course if you are wearing the gear to try and pull, then i'm afraid if you don't have a big dick, then mess-kit really won't work!
Unless you're HAC, in which case you can wear Mess Kit at any rank - even if most are of the lion-tamer variety.

Is Flankers early this year?.
Thank you, all you lovely people.

I'm of a mind to follow V's advice and hire some bizarre 19th century Yugoslavian Cavalry officers field dress, with matching feather boa, but then I might get lot's of unwanted attention from some Int Corp speccy analyst who lives with his mother.

Thanks for the advice though...

Come on you Sandhurst DS.... Think you can break me eh!.... whimper...
Goodalls looks reasonable... anyone had any dealings with them?

I'm not too worried about RMAS... it's just such a long process I want to get it over with now.
SilverBullet said:
Goodalls looks reasonable... anyone had any dealings with them?
I got mine from them - most reasonable place I know off, will be going back to them if I need to replace my current set

Unit 3B,Lower Westfield House,Broad La, LEEDS, LS13 3HA

0113 256 5040
We've had some problems with Costello's in N. London - some of their tailoring/ fitting has left a bit to be desired, but they do have a useful instalment plan
Cheers all... I think i'll give the chaps at Goodalls a bell. It's £500 but at least it won't have been urinated on by some spotty young subby who can't hold his beer (it will have been after my first mess ball though).

I also got mine from Goodalls, as Really good quality. Even the online measuring thing was easy, though the wife's mother is a seamstress, so she did the actual measuring!

Quick delivery, v.reasonable price no hassle, and it fits. Simple website. Can't ask more than that!
DON'T go to Goldings. They will overcharge, take longer than they quoted, and try and fob you off with a poorly made uniform. When you complain they won't even respond to you (for as long as they're getting their payments by direct debit).....

PM me for more info.

Ward and Kruger come highly recommended (although quite a lot more expensive), but haven't had any dealings with them myself.
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