Discussion in 'Officers' started by Cuddles, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. I have lost count of the number of times the Royal Artillery mess-kit has been misrecognised as British Rail waiter uniforms. Occasionally (remember Crosby boys?) to good advantage...

    Has anyone else experienced a far from expected reaction to their regimental drinking suit? Obviously many Yeomanry will have been the recipients of "In the Army, dressed like that?" but what about the rest of the world??
  2. Ex g/f to the young 2Lt Plume:

    If you're going to wear trousers that tight you shouldn't have anything in your pockets.

    2Lt Plume:

    No pockets in mess overalls, beloved.

    She was "strawberry blonde" & clashed with the jacket, though...
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Fusilier Mess Rugby kit after doing survivors after one function - stained, bloodied and generally messy (as a good subbie out to!) walking to local greasy spoon for sustenance - and one very cute student type shuffles over, taps me on the shoulder and asks, in a voice that would make a vicar reach for another biscuit,

    'What pantomime are you in then?'

  4. Am constantly being spun dits about how a Naval Officer in No.1's at a wedding or somesuch will be asked at some point 'which airline do you fly for?'
  5. My niece recently saw me in mess kit for the first time. She said "You look like somebody out of the films".

    Worrying thing is she didn't specify 'what'.
  6. I was standing in the entrance of a hotel in London with a Naval officer who was wearing uniform tails. A gunner officer appeared looked at the sailor and said "You there call me a cab please".

    The sailor stared at him for a second then said "You sir! Are a Cab"
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  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Not my own story:

    They had been antagonists since their schooldays. Their enmity had not lessened at Cambridge. And throughout their respective careers they jealously watched each other rise to the peak of their professions as admiral and bishop. They hadn't met for over thirty years, but when they found themselves standing side by side at King's Cross, resplendent in the attire of their offices, they recognized each other at once.

    'Excuse me, porter,' said the bishop, 'is this train bound for York?'

    'Yes,' replied the admiral curtly, 'but should you be travelling in your condition, madam?'
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer


    Robert Benchley came out of a New York hotel and asked the man in uniform outside to call him a taxi.

    'I'm sorry,' the man told him, 'I happen to be a rear admiral in the United States Navy.'

    'Fine,' said Benchley. 'Get me a battleship then.'
  9. The officers and seniors of my battery dined out at a very nice restaurant one evening in mess kit (the whys and wherefores need not be explored right now). As we headed up stairs to dinner a lady coming down the stairs greeted each of us with something like: 'You were very good this afternoon.' 'I did enjoy your performance.' and 'You are extremely professional.'

    We all mumbled our thanks and made our way past the confused old girl. It was only when she reached the BSM, bringing up the rear, that she was questioned. As it turns out she had mistaken us for the Royal Marines band who had been performing in town that day.
  10. Alternatively, some time back, having arrived in a city centre night spot still in Mess kit ('of course you can come in gents, but you'll have to check your spurs at the cloakroom.') 5 gunner subbies and a fusilier.

    Approached by a young lady: 'Excuse me, are you...?'

    'Yes, that's right - we're all British Rail waiters and he's in the band.'
  11. Did some quality trapping in the old Voodoo Lounge in Leicester Square after a Regimental Dinner Night. Sad thing was that the fella from the Regiment who was taking pictures hadn't loaded the film properly so there's not photograpic evidence.

    We also all piled into the fountain outside the Birmingham Council House for some pics once. One of the Subbies didn't realise there were stepping stones/ledges through the pool & went in up to his waist while the rest of us just had slightly wet mess wellies...
  12. Unfortunately yes! The waitstaff in the Officers' Club at Fort Campbell Kentucky - home of the US 101st Airborne Division - in the v.early '80s wore uniforms very similar to British infantry Mess Dress!
  13. It's worse in what used to be called 5Js (White cap, blue jumper, white shirt, black tie, trousers and shoes). You then get asked what made you want to join the traffic police.