Mess Kit Trousers

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Snakes_R_Us, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. What colour are R Sigs mess dress trousers??

    Not a Wah!
  2. Navy Blue with a red stripe down the outside of the legs (not sure how wide, maybe 2 ") Why do you want some ?????:)
  3. I think he means "overalls"...
  4. Only for Warrant Officers First Class and Officers in the Royal Corps. Oh, and spurs.

    Ordinary Joe Schmoes get to wear trousers. Which are black, incidentally.
  5. £340 , is that cheap ? I thought they were much more than that
  6. Oh and by the way...... Royal Signals Mess Dress trousers are dark blue, try having a close look at them Mr Glad, and your SP1 is pink! :)
  7. £340 BEFORE you buy the shirt £20 shoes £55-£80 Bowtie £5 Braces £20

    having said that i reccomend
  8. Heh. Mauve and lavender, actually.

    My Royal Corps mess kit trousers, as purchased second-hand in Langy in 1985, were deffo black - there was a distinct colour difference between them and the jacket facings.
  9. You didn't buy them from a member of the RTR did you?? :) The are SUPPOSED to be dark navy blue. PS Is the injection on the SP1 as snatchy low down as they say ??
  10. Nah, from a very disgruntled full screw who'd bought the full rig a few years earlier and then found out he was never going to get his third.

    Re SP1, Power Commander is your friend, here - plus keeping it spinning. Low down, say 750-1500 rpm, it's still pretty horrible.