Mess kit tailoring -Bone I know!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jash, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. I've just gotten some mess kit and I need to get all the usual stuff attached to it, Its RE Corp mess dress but with the TA 'tweaks' of special buttons etc (its 'Militia' before the incomin starts!). My Reggie tailor is only in on the first Tuesday following a full moon after the equinox so Im lookin for a 'normal' tailor in the London area, obviously I dont want to just go into any random shop!! Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

    Ive hear of the guy in Chatham but if theres a guy in Central London it'd be better.


  2. What's an RMonRE doing in London? Or with the "gotten", are you from the little-known 74 (West Virginia Old Smokey Blue Mountains)(Militia)Engr Regt? :)

    Isn't Costello based out in Ilford or somewhere? Or perhaps ask Redwood and Feller (Westminster) if they can oblige?
  3. Damn our cover is blown! Cheers Clownbasher, I'll give them a shot.
  4. Costello's in Romford or Kashkets in Old Street.
  5. Goldings in St Albans.
  6. Avoid that thief Golding like the plague! He will rip you off for poor quality tailoring carried out by his under paid chogies.

    If you want alterations to your mess kit a decent civilian tailor or even seamstress will be able to things such as sow on buttons and badges.

    I had my mess kit trousers taken in, waistcoat zips replaced and some tidying up of frayed material by Castles.,-86691,12676023014251208442&li=lmd&z=14&t=m

    Based very near Mansion House/Monument they are a pair of very professional gentlemen who didn't charge the earth and did a very quick turnaround. I have recommended them to others who have been pleased with their service.